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Saving on a Controller Pak


It is also possible to save on a Controller Pak to take advantage of the larger save space and portability.

Saving on EEPROM


The EEPROM is used to save gameplay data of up to 16kbit. Let’s have a look on how to interact with it using both high and low-level methods.

Analogue Test Utility


The Analogue Test Utility by WT Riker is a N64 demo that lets you determine how ‘tight’ the analogue joystick is on your controller.

New Libdragon section: audio


The Libdragon audio subsystem is used to play, stop and manipulate the audio stream. Though it only works with WAV, XM and YM files, it can be very versatile given the right input.

XM & YM effects


There is also a separate way of manipulating XM and YM audio tracks. It’s not as flexible as WAV, but still useful in some occasions.

Audio mixer (WAV effects)


The audio mixer can be used to modify waveform audio to create unique sounds using the same space in memory.

Playing audio using Libdragon


This tutorial will show you how Libdragon’s audio subsystem is used to play WAV, XM and YM files, mix them using the RSP and pushing it via the audio buffer and then out.

Composing & converting audio


Libdragon has 3 available file types for its audio output – WAV, XM and YM. This page will show how you can start composing your own.

Converting audio with audioconv64


You can use audioconv64 to convert audio files (.wav, .xm & .ym) to N64 format (.wav64, .xm64 & .ym64) for use with the Libdragon audio subsystem.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 64


Five Nights at Freddy’s 64 is a faithful port of the first FNAF game from 2014, recreated from scratch for the N64 by Rosie Sapphire.

New Libdragon section: Graphics processing


The Libdragon graphics engine has a few ways of defining how you can generate a visual display using both software and hardware methods. Let’s have a look to see how we can take advantage of its capabilities.

Hardware graphics


You can use the N64’s Reality Display Processor to speed up hardware graphics rendering of shapes and sprites. It’s faster, but more complex and less flexible.

Software graphics


Libdragon has a library of software graphics rendering functions that can be used to generate colours as well as draw shapes and sprites.

Display Subsystem


The display subsystem in Libdragon is used to provide a context for the Nintendo 64’s fviewport, bit depth and resolution.

Making sprites with mksprite


Mksprite is a N64 development tool for converting PNG files into sprite files that are usable by the Libdragon library.

Tic-Tac-Toe 64


Tic-Tac-Toe 64 is a homebrew game for the Nintendo 64 by N64 Squid that is a port of the same game for the PC. It was made to show that it is possible to make a game using nothing but the Libdragon console.

New section: Libdragon development


There’s a new section in town: Libdragon development. Here you’ll learn how to use the Libdragon library to make your own games for the Nintendo 64.

Summer’s Story


Summer’s Story is a homebrew game where you need to search for objects buried in the sand to help Summer leave a deserted island.

Sand City


Sand City is a homebrew simulation game by Team Pocket Sand where you build a city to attract a crabby population to live and work in it.

Sand Castle Clamour


Sand Castle Clamour is a homebrew puzzle game for the N64by Traill where you build sand castles cube by cube to match a pre-made template.

Megatextures Tech Demo


Megatextures Tech Demo is a tech demo by Team Ultra Rare where you explore the Church of Summer with some impressive hi-res visuals.

Brew Volley


Brew Volley is a homebrew game by Tfmoe__ where you play volleyball as two N64 Brew logos on the side of the beach.

Controlling controllers


What is a game without the ability to control it? In this tutorial we’ll have a look at the various ways to manage the controller input.

Libdragon Console


The first thing that you can modify in your program is the console. Let’s have a look at how it can be manipulated to create text-based games or displaying debug information.

Compiling with Libdragon


What good is source code if you can’t compile it? This page on compiling with Libdragon will show you how to build your first N64 ROM file.

Installing Libdragon


Check the page on setting up Libdragon for an in-depth guide on how to get it to work on your PC. With this guide, you’ll end up with a skeleton project that you can use as a basis for your project.

Alien Sun


Alien Sun is a homebrew platform game by 9_nova where you explore a strange foreign planet in search for crystals.

The results are in for the 2023 game jam!


The results for the top 3 winners of the 2023 game jam are in! Have a look and see how well your favourite did.

EDMDI Kart 64


EDMDI Kart 64 is a hack of Mario Kart 64 with seven new levels based on the web series El Decente Mundo De Isai.

Presence of Mind ’98 (POM98)


The wait is finally over! I’ve gone through all the Presence of Mind ’98 entries and tracked down the original advertisements down. Now it’s all here in one place for all to bear witness to this milestone in N64 homebrew history.


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