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Here is a complete list of all posts posted on If you have trouble finding the one you’re looking for, use the search function in the side bar. Rare Ware Golden Era by GamingNerdCollector


Rare Ware Golden Era by GamingNerdCollector, showcasing various items from when Rare was making games for the N64.

Running homebrew games on a GameShark


Have you ever wanted to run a homebrew game on the Nintendo 64 without using an expensive flash cart? Now it might be possible withjust a simple GameShark. The Great Fairy by CL4M0


The great fairy from Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask by CL4M0

Pyoro 64


Pyoro 64 by Buu342 is the best N64 homebrew game we’re seen in a while. Let’s have a look at what this game has to offer.

Super Mario Christmas Tree


This Super Mario Christmas tree set up by Plow Digital allows kids to play the flagship Mario titles for NES, SNES and N64 right on its branches.

Family Guy plays 007 Goldeneye to escape prison


Family Guy S17E7 included a scene of Peter and Meg escape from Prison in the style of 007 Goldeneye. Let’s have a look at how it turned out.

How to do a N64 Controller Pak mod for long term storage


Ever wanted to do a controller pak mod that replaced those old battery-backed memory banks with something longer-lasting? This tutorial shows you how.

This controller makes you shout to press the B button


These guys modded a N64 controller to press the B button only when you shout into the in-built microphone. How bad can it really be?

The story of Harry Potter on the N64


Did you know that a Harry Potter game for the N64 was planned on being made by Nintendo? DidYouKnowGaming shows us a peek at the game’s tragic history. 3D Printed Wishy Washy Banjo, By BanjoMack


A 3D printed washing machine Banjo, by BanjoMack.

The N64 Mini is confirmed to be not confirmed


The Nintendo 64 Classic Mini is not confrmed to be released any time soon by Reggie Fils-Aime, who said that the previous consoles were just one-offs. Shoulda stayed in 3Q view by Sir


Ganondorf’s ears sure look strange when he looks straight at you. By Sir.

Hyperkin announces new wireless N64 Controller, the Admiral


Hyperkin just announced a new wireless N64 controller called the Admiral. It’s a controller/dongle combo that allows you to play your N64 cable-free. Poker Night by SpongicX


Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo playing poker, by SpongicX.

Nintendo 64 Controller Remake by David Engström


David Engström made a Nintendo 64 controller remake for a class a few years back, and here we are to have a look through at how it turned out. Dr. Kiln by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow


Dr. Kiln from Clayfighter 63 1/3, by The Man of Tomorrow.

Yooka Laylee Adds an N64 Filter


Yooka-Laylee is getting the long awaited N64 Filter that was promised in the game’s Kickstarter. What can we expect from the makers of several N64 classics?

List of Nintendo 64 Exclusive Games


There are hundreds of games that were released for the Nintendo 64, but how many of them are really exclusive? This list contains all of the games that you can’t play anywhere else. Super Mario 64 “1996” style by Soffie


The classic 1996 Super Mario 64 picture by Soffie.

Secrets of the N64 Expansion Pak by Punching Weight


Derek from Punching Weight and Stop Skeletons From Fighting gives us his insight on the Nintendo 64’s Expansion Pak and what it does to improve games.

Sample Demo by Florian


Sample Demo is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo ROM by Florian. It has a Rotating car with a few interesting controller-activated special effects.

N64 Squid’s fourth anniversary – Let’s do four more!


It’s been four years since the launch of N64 Squid and 22 since the N64 was released in Japan. Let’s have a recap of what has happened in the last year.

MakeMask – Adding CIC data and padding your ROM


The Makemask program from the MIPSE package allows you to prepare your ROM for publishing. This includes padding it out and adding regional lockout data as well. We also go through a few memory addresses to set up for proper labeling. Makemask makes a ROM cartridge-ready for the public.

Heavy 64


This Nintendo 64 demo by Destop called Heavy 64 includes some heavy metal music by King Diamond, Coroner and some even by Destop himself. Shy Guy Says by GR3N1NJ4-L0RD


The Shy Guy Says minigame From Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64, by GR3N1NJ4-L0RD.

Happy Birthday Steve


A simple ROM to make amends and bring people together. The touching ‘Happy Birthday Steve’ is a Nintendo 64 Demo to show appreciation for an online friend.

Cardboard Goldeneye


A cardboard Goldeneye cosplay head and hands. By Unknown.

Nintendo 64 ad: Fun


How much FUN can you cram into one Nintendo 64 ad? This ad sure tries to overshadow everything else for the sake of 3D fun.

Glover 2 announcement and its ‘cancellation’


German developer Golden Mushroom Studio announced that they were going to make the long-lost Glover 2 into a reality on the Nintendo Switch.

Josette by SimplyNTK


Josette from Wonder Project J2, by SimplyNTK.


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