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3DS Exam by Snake


3DS Exam is a N64 hombrew demo from 1998 by Snake that includes a static model that can be rotated in the three dimensions and swapped for a box.

Nintendo 64 collage by unknown artist


I tried finding the author of this image to no avail ๐Ÿ™

Rev Limit: An unreleased N64 game


A dev cart for an unreleased Nintendo 64 game called Rev Limit has been found. The finder has uploaded 10 minutes of footage so let’s have a look.

N64 Squid’s new look!


N64 squid has a new look to go along with many bug fixes on the website. If you find any issues, let me know in the comments.

Goldeneye Source 5.0 now released


Goldeneye Source 5.0 has now been released, and it comes with a great-looking trailer that shows the dedlication that fans can have for their favorite game.

007 Goldeneye HD version unearthed


This 007 Goldeneye HD remake for XBLA never saw the light of day, but dedicated fans have managed to scrounge 30 minutes of video footage for all to see. Super Mario 64 Twentieth Anniversary Poster by MrMoustache88


A tribute to Super Mario 64’s 20th anniversary by MrMoustache88.

Fan-made animated Dinosaur Planet series announced


Fans are planning on making an animated Dinosaur Planet series based on the unreleased game for the N64. Let’s see what they have set up so far.

Telegram channel: Retro Games


I made a Telegram channel for the up-and-coming messenger app and found it a bit difficult to post regular content. So I made a bot to help me make posts.

GameShark: Backing games for preservation


When you think about backing up N64 games, you might be thinking about using a V64 or a CD64. Someone found a way to do it using a GameShark cheat device. Anyone wanna play by MXCQ


The Mario 64 head, by MXCQ.

Layton vs Phoenix

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Review (3DS)


Squid reviews Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for the Nintendo 3DS. How will Nick and the Professor fare together and against each other?

American Nintendo 64DD discovered


This American Nintendo 64DD is a rare example of unreleased hardware that shouldn’t really exist, but yet it has popped up in a collector’s possession. Banjo Tooie Boss Rush by BlazeTBW


All the bosses from Banjo Tooie, by BlazeTBW.

Nu1: Adding input and output to the N64 program


Nu1 is the second program in the NuSystem sample library. In it, we will learn how to refresh the screen, read controllers and give some output based on it. Super Mario Universe by LuigiL


Fanart of the front of Peach’s castle in Super Mario 64.

Meet N64-Tan, a humanised Nintendo 64


This is a compilation of N64-tan, an anime version of the Nintendo 64. Have a look at the work that all these artists have produced over the years! Mischief Makers – Marina Liteyears by Kaigetsudo


The different expressions of Marina from Mischief Makers by Kaigetsudo.

Fiddling with the SDK 1: Nu0 vertices


In order to learn about how vertices work, we’ll be looking at how the coordinates and colours of the vertex operate and how you can manipulate them. It’s War by Bandicooty


Conker and his buddies have PTSD by Bandicooty.

Wireless N64 controller available soon


Looks like there might be a wireless n64 controller in the making by Innex Inc. As much as I love the wired controller, it’s great to give people a choice.

N64 Homebrew: Nu0


Nu0 is the most basic of the demos available in the SDK. It provides an introduction on how to make a Nintendo 64 application – let’s have a look at it in detail.

nintendo 64 birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday N64 Squid!


It’s been two years since this site was launched and though the year was slow, it’s back on track. Twinrova by happydoodle


Fanart of Twinrova from the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time.

N64 Homebrew page: Type Definitions


This new page describes the type definitions used on the N64 are plentiful and varied and you need to be familiar with them to edit the C code within. Falco Lombardi by xiaorobear


A hand-drawn Falco Lombardi by xiaorobear.

(Probably fake) racist Mario 64 prototype found


This racist Super Mario 64 prototype has been found on a thread over in assemblergames, but could it be a real cartridge? Mario 64 N64 Tribute Pixel Art by BryanHeemskerk


Pixel art of Mario swinging Bowser around in the classic Super Mario 64 scene, by BryanHeemskerk.

The Nintendo 64 Van


For when you really must have your N64 fun on the go, you can take a nice long ride playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 van. Banjo-Kazooie Plushies by WispyChipmunk


Some Banjo-Kazooie Plushies made by WispyChipmunk.


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