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Here is a complete list of all posts posted on If you have trouble finding the one you’re looking for, use the search function in the side bar. Dead Hand by Cometicon


A jumping Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time, by Cometicon.

Display List Ate My Mind


Display List Ate My Mind by Kid Stardust is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo that features a lot of rotating blocks. Get N or Get Out by VirtuaBlueAM2


Peach and Daisy playing the Nintendo 64, by VirtuaBlueAM2.

Nintendo 64 ad: Project Reality promo


This Project Reality promo from 1993 showcases the power that Silicon Graphics hardware had at its disposal. AS to what it could realistically do on a console, not so much.

Another Release – God Knows Who!


God Knows who is a simple N64 homebrew demo by NDT’s Sniffer and Tuff that features a bitmap and marquee that talk about itself and not much else.

Live action 007 Goldeneye


VideoNintendo3DS made a video of a live action 007 Goldeneye where the player walks through a warehouse escorting Natalya. Let’s have a look.

Ocarina of Time 2D


Ocarina of Time 2D (OOT2D) is the name of serveral projects made by independent developers looking to recreate Ocarina of Time in two dimensions. Banjo and Kazooie Remastered by SeanHicksArt


A Banjo and Kazooie remaster, by SeanHicksArt inspired by the game design conversations I had with his friend George Crudo as they geeked out about classic N64 titles.

Majora’s Mask was a product of product of Aonuma’s boredom


Aonuma and Iwata have a look back at Majora’s Mask 15 years after its original release on the Nintendo 64 and reveal a few secrets about its development. The 64 gang by YumYumCorn


The cast of the original Super Smash Brothers, by YumYumCorn.

Flappy Bird


The N64 port of Flappy Bird is a homebrew game developed by Christopher Bonhage in 2017 using Libdragon. Get the ROM and read about it here.

Majoras Mask Deku Princess by LightningSilver-Mana


A doll of Majora’s Mask’s Deku Princess in MLP forme, by LightningSilver-Mana.

Nintendo 64 ad: Ye snooze, ye lose


This is an ad promoting a limited edition release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, now in a gold cartridge. The game was released in 1998, and a few selected retailers had a stock of gold carts that were available for purchase, and the ‘Ye snooze, ye lose’ ad was made to promote […]

Super Smash Bros 20th anniversary by furrylovepup


A drawing made to conmemorate the 20th anniversary of Super Smash Bros, by furrylovepup.

Hard: Coded


Hard:Coded by Fractal & Silo is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo that has a bitmap with scrolling text, a plasma animation and some rotating 3D textured objects.



Pause by RedboX is a ROM that shows a shifting rainbow glow, similar to a lava lamp. It has no music and no description to it so information is sparse.

Peach’s Castle – Architectural Model by Slaughtahouse


An accurate to scale drawing of Peach’s castle, by Slaughtahouse.

Dragon Sword rights acquired


Piko Interactive confirms that someone has acquired the Dragon Sword rights and source code. What will come of this, maybe a full release?

Super Mario Odyssey mod: Clanker’s Cavern


This mod for Super Mario Odyssey adapts Clanker’s Cavern into a playable level that you can add to your Nintendo Switch though an SD card. Rare Ware Golden Era by GamingNerdCollector


Rare Ware Golden Era by GamingNerdCollector, showcasing various items from when Rare was making games for the N64.

Running homebrew games on a GameShark


Have you ever wanted to run a homebrew game on the Nintendo 64 without using an expensive flash cart? Now it might be possible withjust a simple GameShark. The Great Fairy by CL4M0


The great fairy from Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask by CL4M0

Pyoro 64


Pyoro 64 by Buu342 is the best N64 homebrew game we’re seen in a while. Let’s have a look at what this game has to offer.

Super Mario Christmas Tree


This Super Mario Christmas tree set up by Plow Digital allows kids to play the flagship Mario titles for NES, SNES and N64 right on its branches.

Family Guy plays 007 Goldeneye to escape prison


Family Guy S17E7 included a scene of Peter and Meg escape from Prison in the style of 007 Goldeneye. Let’s have a look at how it turned out.

How to do a N64 Controller Pak mod for long term storage


Ever wanted to do a controller pak mod that replaced those old battery-backed memory banks with something longer-lasting? This tutorial shows you how.

This controller makes you shout to press the B button


These guys modded a N64 controller to press the B button only when you shout into the in-built microphone. How bad can it really be?

The story of Harry Potter on the N64


Did you know that a Harry Potter game for the N64 was planned on being made by Nintendo? DidYouKnowGaming shows us a peek at the game’s tragic history. 3D Printed Wishy Washy Banjo, By BanjoMack


A 3D printed washing machine Banjo, by BanjoMack.


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