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Ever have any ideas about the Nintendo 64 that you just wanted to get out to the world? Now you can get that all done when you write a guest post to N64 Squid! It’s really simple – all you need to do is contact us with your idea and we’ll get the ball rolling from there.

Rules for writing a guest post

There are a few rules to guest posting on N64squid.com:

  • Posts must be relevant to the theme of the website. You post should be somehow related to the Nintendo 64, if not it must be related to Nintendo or retro gaming as a whole. If you write a post about Nintendo or retro gaming but not the N64, it will still be published but will not feature on the home page.
  • Posts must be unique and your own work. We will not accept guest posts from people who do article spinning, plagiarise or simple duplicate content from anywhere.
  • Guest posts must have good quality. This means that they should be at least a few hundred words long depending on the depth of the topic and have at least one image associated with the post for use in the banner (800 x 250 px).
  • One followed backlink to your site per post. To avoid spamming, there will only be one dofollow backlink per post unless extremely necessary.
  • Use your Google Authorship and Gravatar (Recommended). This will help link your guest post to every other one
  • Have fun! Remember that games are all about having fun so sit back, relax and have fun doing so!

Remember that it’s best if you get in touch before writing your full article to make sure that the idea is relevant for n64squid.com. If you need an idea about what you can write, I have a whole bunch of ideas that you can use.

Requesting a guest post

If you want N64 Squid to write for your website or blog, don’t hesitate to contact us as well!


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