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Ever have any ideas about the Nintendo 64 that you just wanted to get out to the world? Now you can get that all done when you write a guest post to N64 Squid! It’s really simple – all you need to do is contact us with your idea and we’ll get the ball rolling from there.

Rules for writing a guest post

There are a few rules to guest posting on N64squid.com:

Remember that it’s best if you get in touch before writing your full article to make sure that the idea is relevant for n64squid.com. If you need an idea about what you can write, I have a whole bunch of ideas that you can use.

Requesting a guest post

If you want N64 Squid to write for your website or blog, don’t hesitate to contact us as well!

Guest post
Guest post
Are you interested in writing a guest post about the Nintendo 64, retro gaming or Nintendo in general? Well you've come to the right place!


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