N64vette – The Barbie Nintendo 64 Mod

I came across an interesting Nintendo 64 mod where the hardware was replaced with a Barbie Accessory.

The story behind this mod

Robin Graves went over to his parent’s house and discovered his old Nintendo 64 which he to back to his workshop and dismantled to bits and pieces. Later, his sister found him working on it at his workbench and was upset at what she saw because she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to play the games from their childhood anymore. What Robin was dismantling it for was to make a small carrying case.

Months later, Robin had to give her a present for her birthday was short on cash. After recalling the incident with the dismantled N64, he decided to give it a new housing. After all, it was just the outer bits that were torn apart for the carrying case, not the PCB itself.

He had two issues in the construction of the Nintendo 64 mod. The first one was that the old car he was going to use for a chassis was full of bullet holes from a BB gun. Of course, I never shot at any of my sisters stuff…


Anyways, the other issue that he came across was that he forgot to include the Jumper Pak in the construction of the system. The Jumper Pak was a little circuit board that came in a port in the front of any Nintendo 64. Its only purpose is to complete the circuit on the N64’s motherboard in the absence of the 4MB Expansion Pak. This means that if that port is empty, the N64 won’t boot properly.

After a lot of tinkering about, he packed it up and gave it to his sister to glorious praise.

My opinion on this Nintendo 64 mod

As someone who isn’t a girl, I must say that it is something that I wouldn’t want to have around my house as it would greatly detract from manly points. However I really like the fact that the hood can be opened to store games. Another thing to note is that the car, of course, has wheels. It’s not explained whether or not the wheels roll or not, but if they do, I can imagine that it wouldn’t be too much fun to have to stop the game to go and pick it up when it rolls off of whatever surface it is on.

My conclusion is that it is really cool because it was a gift for his sister, who loved both the N64 and had the Barbie Corvette growing up. This particular combination of factors make it great for the intended recipient, but I personally wouldn’t want one.


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Robin Graves made a Nintendo 64 mod out of a girl's toy car and a dismantled N64 for a present at his sister's birthday.
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