Nintendo 64 table – a N64 mod in a wooden table

This is a little something that has been floating around the internets as of recently. Everyone and their mum have been posting about a Nintendo 64 mod known as the Nintendo 64 Table. [Note: TheChive seems to be the the most original source I can find for this, so if there’s another better one, please let me know]

About the mod

The Nintendo 64 table is what it says on the tin – a Nintendo 64 that has been modded to fit in as part of a table.

This mod has several features to it. First and foremost is the Nintendo 64 at the far end of the table. It’s taken out of its case and embedded into the table so it blends in nicely to the rest of the wood. When not in use, the N64 has a wooden flap with the N64 logo over it to cover the cartridge slot when not in use.

The next thing you’ll notice is the big 8-bit Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros made out of wood. This is embedded into the table. The sprite is made out of a whole bunch of wooden ‘pixel-blocks’ made out of different shades of wood to colour out the sprite on the table.

The front end of the Nintendo 64 table has a receptacle to hold cartridges while not in use. It looks like it can hold about 21 carts, all in a theatre-audience style so you don’t have to pull them out to see what the game is. Very ingenious.

However, the most ingenious thing in this mod (in my opinion) is that the controller ports have been extended to the front of the table. You see, the motherboard is in the back while the controller ports are in the front of the Nintendo 64 table. The modder removed the sockets from the front of the motherboard and extended them all the way to the front so that they can have a much longer range. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to sit down on a couch and play a game, so this is done with incredible foresight.

Conclusion on the Nintendo 64 table mod

This is a really clever furniture mod to the Nintendo 64. It looks great as a table and is extremely functional as a N64. As they say in the article,

Yes, I could have used this hand-build N64 table in college.

I couldn’t agree more.

Nintendo 64 table pictures

The individual Mario blocks

The individual Mario blocks

The wiring for the controllers

The wiring for the controllers

The N64 slot is covered with the logo statue

The N64 slot is covered with the logo statue

The complete N64 table

The complete N64 table

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One of the most ingenious N64 mods out there - the Nintendo 64 table is what it says on the tin: a table made for use with the Nintendo 64.
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