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Friendship Intro – Protest Design & High Society


Friendship Intro is a N64 homebrew demo that quenches any animosity between Protest Design and High society. Let’s take a look.

Happy 3rd Anniversary N64 Squid!


The birthday of the N64 and N64 Squid are here again! Let’s celebrate with a recap. Spiral Mountain by Orioto


Banjo and Kazooie flying through Spiral Mountain, by Orioto.



In 1999, Protest Design made a N64 homebrew demo called Alienstyle with an image style by H.R.Giger and some scrolling text. Let’s take a look. Gotta Beat ‘im! by Divine-Princess


Two people figuring out how to beat Bongo Bongo in Ocarina of Time, by Divine Princess.

Nintendo 64DD Dev Box and more


Andy from Hard4Games show us a set of goodies relating to the Nintendo 64DD including a 64DD Dev Box, Randnet newsletter and Doshin the Giant newsletter.

Tetris Demo Beta


Tetris Demo Beta is a homebrew game by FusionMan for the Nintendo 64 developed in late 1997 for the 1998 Presence Of Mind homebrew contest.

Absolute Crap Intro #1


We have a look at Absolute Crap Intro #1 by Kid Stardust, a simple N64 homebrew ROM that displays some text. This demo lives up to its name. Marina by Doctor-G


Marina from mischief makers, posing as I guess, Rosie the Riveter; by Doctor-G.



The largest and most complete original homebrew game is truly worth having a look at. In this post we have a look at Dexanoid by Protest Design.



OMSK Pong is a Nintendo 64 Homebrew game developed by Omsk and published 04 June 1999 on “Coding is more exiting than playing”. Let’s have a look. StarFox by KnightOfGames


The Starfox team from Starfox 64 / Lylat Wars on teh Nintendo 64, by KnightOfGames.

Segments and the spec file


In this guide we will learn about the spec file: what it does, its purpose, how it relates to the compilation process and how to make N64 ROMs efficiently. 64 Man Poster by MeleeNinja


A N64 made into a Megaman-esque robot villain, by Melee ninja.

How to write a makefile for the N64


Learn the ins and outs of how to work with Makefiles on the N64; from the basics of what a Makefile is to the specifics of writing them for use in the N64 compilation process. Minimalist Zelda by Doodle Dork


A minimalist drawing of the iconic characters from Ocarina of Time by Doodle Dork.

Unreleased game Die Hard 64 by Bits Studios discovered


Die Hard 64 – a game by Fox Interactive that has never seen the public eye before has been shown to exist and is generating plenty of interest. Sin & Punishment moths by mgmaris


Fighting off some moths from Sin & Punishment, by Tumblr user mgmaris.

Colour and image format types for the N64


There are many different formats that the N64 uses for loading texture colours. Let’s take a look at some of them like RGBA, YUV, Colour index and Intensity/alpha. This tutorial doesn’t have any code, but provides an understanding of how texels are formatted. Mutant N64 by cblackula


A ghastly mutated N64 by cblackula.

Adding textures using the N64 SDK


Learn how to add textures to 3D models on the N64, and use an exclusive tool to help you get your textures loaded.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter source code found


A collector has found the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter source code in the Acclaim bankruptcy clearance and put it up for grabs to the highest bidder.

Top 5 N64 Games from Midway We’d Love to see on the Wii U’s VC


After dominating the arcade scene for a very long time, Midway should make its way to the Wii U Virtual Console. Let’s see which games should make the cut.

AI learns to play Mario Kart 64 by itself


Fullstack developer Kevin Hugues made an AI to learn how to play Mario Kart 64 by using a TensorFlow machine intelligence. let’s have a look.

Waluigi’s Wah-nder Land 2016 by Buismore


Fanart of Waluigi, Kirby, Wario, Luigi and Conker playing N64, by Buismore.

Ocarina of time Vinyl LP due for release next year


Ocarina of time now has a vinyl LP recorded by the 64-piece Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, due for release in Q2 2017.

3D-printed Nintendo 64 Raspberry Pi case


Thingiverse user Fonzman made a 3D-printable Raspberry Pi case in the shape of the Nintendo 64. It is available for download and printing from the website. Banjo Pumpkin by Sean Hicks


A 3D render of the pumpkin from the Banjo Kazooie level Mad Monster Mansion by Sean Hicks.

How to make a custom Dashicon the easy way (image and CSS only)


Find out how to make a custom Wordpress Dashicon for you admin panel without having to deal with editing fonts, and using only PHP and CSS. Grunty Commission by Krisii


Picture of post-transformation Grunty from Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64.


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