MeeTing Demo

MeeTing Demo is a N64 homebrew demo by Renderman of Team Protest Design. It’s a text scroller with some interesting 3D effects that was released on 29 Nov 1999.

You can get the ROM from its download page by using the password renderedbyrenderman.

About MeeTing Demo

This demo has three text sections: a static background text with Protest Design members, a swaying circle font that fades in and out, and a more traditional wavy scroller.

Protest Members

Renderman, Accent, Koreaner, WOOdstOck, Genius, Waterpipe, Lutscher, Fearegg, Memir, Destop, Noiseman

Static text

Protest design are proud to present MeeTing Demo 1999. This small demo has been fixed on our meeting at Rendermans place. The ppl shown up Accent, Koreaner, Fearegg, Woodstock, Neutral, Renderman. Code by Renderman. Charsets by Koreaner. Music by Kaiowa. Modplayer by LaC. Based on IMMO’s code. Bye L8R.


Yes, here comes the greetings scroller: Immo, Widget, Twinsen, Actraiser, Hartec, Hotblack, Ravemax, LaC, Ste, Wildfire, Titanik, Destop, Sispeo, Nagra, Steve, Ayatollah, Lem, Locke, Nil, Rene, Kid Stardust, WT Riker, Cyrix, Sub Ice, JL Picard, Cforman, Count0, Datawiz, Fractal, Jovis, Silo, Fredro, Gilligan, Wally, Jimbob, Unit, Roadhouse, Zodak, Jihad, Sted, Ego UK, Eltren, Zooka, Rudeboy, Tracker, Lenny, Rico, Closedone, Paradize, Erkay, Konsul and all the other kewl ppl we cant keep in mind.

When you like to join our team feel free and mail mail to [email protected] or visit our site

Benderman signs off… C U on IRC efnet in channel


This demo has the distinction of being the one that has the least to say in so many words. The marquee text is pretty much just greets and an ad for people to join Protest Design. That’s really it. These scrollers tend to at least have some kind of backstory as to what it is about or some kind of cheeky jab at whatever drama was happening over at Dextrose, but this is pretty much nothing at all.

What is more interesting about meeting demo is the graphics themselves. Besides the text flying all over the screen there are two sets of 3D models. The most obvious ones are the two long strings of rotating cubes that have coloured stars on their faces. The other one that takes a bit longer to notice is the larger cube in the centre; it’s a bit darker and in the background of everything else so it’s a bit more subtle.

It’s hard to get a good screenshot of any particular spot because of all the stuff flying around, but here are a few.

Review and conclusion

There really isn’t much to say about this. I really like the spinning cubes graphics but everything else is just very bland an unimaginative for something that has had at least this much effort put into it. Not only that, but it’s based on another project by IMMO so it’s not even that much from this perspective.

The only thing I guess that can be derived from this is that the team members met up somewhere at some time, and that this demo was made to commemorate the event.

Give MeeTing Demo a look if you like the music, but there really isn’t that much else to it.

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MeeTing Demo is a homebrew demo for the Nintendo 64 by Renderman. It includes some cool 3D objects and a LOT of greets.
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