Freek World Intro

Freek World Intro is a demo made by Ste and BlackBag and released on 08 March 1998. It’s a sequel to the first intro made by Freek World, adding some more elaborate graphical effects and even some music to enjoy.

You can download the ROM here by using the password newworldoffreeks.

The demo has one main screen split into three sections: a marquee on the left, shifting shapes in the middle and some text on the right.

Text scrollers

There are two ares on the screen that have text in a marquee format that basically say the same thing. It’s honestly not very interesting. It’s just some text credits of the BBS owners and some special thanks.

Shifting shapes

What’s more interesting than that is that in the centre of the screen, there are a bunch of dots with a trippy long-exposure effect that morph into various different shapes.


Freek World

sysop – cyborg


msftug WHQ
arcadia WHQ

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Freek World! The last pure console BBS…

MSFTUG / Soncrap / Oldskool / Arcadia WHQ…

Sysop Cyborg, Cosysops Zigor Actraiser Rollo

Credits for this small intro: Ste

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Freek World Intro is a homebrew demo for the Nintendo 64 that serves as an introduction to the Freek Word BBS that existed back in the 90's.
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