Nufan demo

Nufan demo (aka No Use for a Name) is a homebrew demo by Kid Stardust released on 26 May 1998. It’s a marquee scroller with some interesting morphing shapes in the background.

You can download the demo from its download page by using the password nouseforaname.

About the Nufan demo

Like many of the scrollers from this era, the text serves as merely a way to talk to the community. It’s pretty much just a list of people that Kid Stardust wanted to thank and a short status update. That’s all there really is to it.

That said, what is much more interesting about the Nufan demo in particular is the 3D effect included within. It takes the shape of the TSF logo (The Secret Force) starting out flat and wrapping into various shapes.

It starts off by morphing into a cylindrical tube, then a sphere, cone, hourglass and a 4-chamber hourglass thingy.

The demo then shifts to a text scroll that rotates around in a circular manner. If you think this is hard to read, you haven’t seen anything yet (literally)

The final section has a large morphing and twisting bitmap in the background that says “Kid Stardust” along with text flying out from the middle in a spiral. The font, blurriness and rotation makes it very hard to read, not to mention that they’re usernames which are particularly hard to read.

Demo text



After some months of ZERO-motivation. Kid Stardust is finally back with a brand new demo for… The Secret Force called: No Use for a Name! Date: 26. June 1998

Special thanx to: Fractal – Great artwork! B.Dor for the music (wow!) LaC for lacMod, My girlfriend for her patience, and to Rene… for being a cool friend though all the year!! The Secret Force are Twinsen Sispeo Rene Kid Stardust ………….. wait for the last part to see the greetings and try to find the hidden goody! ………….. Kid Stardust = king of the unreadable scrollers 🙂 Anyone got a job for me? ………….. Coding = FUN at least most of the time ………….

Okido, let’s start this piece of crap!!! Change Background… Morph!!! I don’t type much here. Cause you can’t read it anyway if you are a 2D or 3D artist please contact me!!! The secret force

Greetings are going to Frac, Major Rom, STE, LaC, Jovis, Wildfire, Zeronine, FX, Jihad, Nagra, Curtmac, Desmond, Steve, DSI-Conep, Shoomz, Hartec, Immo, Widget, Brettr, Silo, Stan, Lem, Nil, Sigmond, Maxx, JL Picard, Kid, Rpiont, Stumble, Trilil, Placebo, Corsair, Dirj, Saska, Titanik, RIP, Sdeart, Rubba, Rainman, Rudebot, Redbox, Locke, Ctbo-d, Acid ~~~ And to all secret force members, Thankx to my GF for all her love.

Lots of hugs in this demo. Who cares.


Nufan demo is one of those homebrew projects that doesn’t stand out much. It has some nice 3D effects, but not as much as something like Freek World Intro. The text can be difficult to read, but I guess that that’s part of the joke since it does say that Kid Stardust is known for making hard-to-read demos.

The text itself is pretty basic, it doesn’t really say much apart from thanks and greets. There is a mention of a “hidden goody” but I have no idea what it might be.

Overall, it’s a simple little demo which definitely fits the title “No use for a name”.

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Nufan demo is a homebrew project by Kid Stardust which shows some morphing shapes and a lot of hard-to-read text.
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