Absolute Crap Intro #2

Absolute Crap Intro #2 is a demo by Lem from the SPLiT group, released on 06 September 1997. It’s a basic bitmap with a marquee/scroller without much to really write home about. It is a sequel to Absolute Crap Intro #1, which was made by Kid Stardust (Not Lem).

You can get the ROM from its download page by using the password crapbylem.

About Absolute Crap Intro #2

This is the Rare Pepe version of the first Absolute Crap demo. From what I understand, Kid Stardust shared the source code of his demo on Dextrose of IRC, and then Lem took it and modified it a bit to have his own text and design.

This one has a bitmap included on the left side of the screen (whereas the original only had text). It also has a marquee on the top and a circular ‘mirror’ of that marquee in the bottom right corner. It’s very similar to the scroller used in the 2nd section of the Nufan Demo.

Interestingly, he does mention that the ROM is only 20kb, 14 of which are the bitmap image. It really comes to show how small a N64 ROM file can really be once you remove the padding.

I haven’t been able to find a source of the bitmap image, but the text describes it as “Pat’s Green Beret Pic”, so I can only assume that it was someone’s avatar on the Dextrose forums or something similar. I don’t remember anyone called ‘Pat’ from the various ROM greets though, so I don’t know how reliable that is.

Overall, Absolute Crap Intro #2 is a very basic ROM, but a step up in complexity from the original one considering that it has a rotating wheel of text and an actual bitmap image to give it a bit of personality.

Demo text

SPLiT! presents Absolute Crap #2

Yeaaaah Lem did it once again !!! My first intro on the N64… and guys doesn’t it look good??? Course it does, but I confess I had development tools to die for… ASN64, the only 3-pass assembler… That screws up the labels, wooooah ! DISA64 fully interactive dissasembler ( d to disassemble, j to jump, x to exit ), alse screwe up SLX opcodes as a bonus. Norton disk edit, the world acclaimed disk editor. The ultimate file merger, an advanced custom-made tool to merge files with others (development time: 15 mon… err… 15 minutes). The Abs Crap Intro from Kid Stardust which gives me a virtually unlimited space to work with (20 kb of which 14 are used just for Pat’s Green Beret Pic), that into is actually used as a nasis for this one but you had figured it out already. IAS to build the CRC. Talk64 to send the file. (hey Gin, I bet you like it already ???) So kudos to all theose who released these tools! To make new friends on N64dev and get the key to N64 coding wonderland, Just pop in and shout -Hand over the fucking lib so I can beat the shit out of everyone of you!-, I actually got banned permanently but that’s because I didn’t should loud enough. OK, I’m out of space so handshakes to these guys for not being anal: Twinsen, Rene, Sispeo. A few others deserve a mention (in no order): Stage, Lac, Silo, Fractal, Locke, Nagra, Jovis, Titanik and the rest on the N64dev! ciaooooo

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Absolute Crap Intro #2 is a homebrew demo by Lem of the SPLiT group which consists of a green beret character and a scrolling marquee.
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