Absolute Crap Intro #1

Absolute Crap Intro #1 is a N64 homebrew demo made by Kid Stardust in June 1997. And as you’d expect, it is absolute crap. This is one of the most basic kinds of demos that you’ll find out there, but it is also one of the earliest ones ever made. It’s basically a black background with some static text and some scrolling text. That’s about it.

You can download the ROM from its download page by using the password quitealoadofcrap.




Absoloute Crap Intro #1

There is so much free space left here on the screen an I don’t know what to write! Ahh I was just too lazy to make anything appear here… πŸ™‚

Hi there! I was just trying some stuffand this is the rseult… I was just wondering why there are so few πŸ™‚ homemade productions floating around, although there are so many great coders in the ‘scene’….. just joking… must be due to lazyness… Some hellos are going to all who deserve it, but especially Rene (still waiting for your R4300 asm/disasm – Major Rom, I know you’ll hate me for greeting you πŸ™‚ – Zeronine

…………………. cu

… desperately awaiting ProjectX!

Looking into Absolute Crap Intro #1

Where there is not much to marvel at technically, the ROM does expose some interesting information on some dev tools of yesteryear.

  • Mention of a “R4300 asm/disasm”. The R4300 is the name of the MIPS processor used in the Nintendo 64, and I suppose that “asm/disasm” refers to a assembler/disassembler. This probably means that Kid Stardust wanted to obtain a program which could convert assembly to a form usable by the N64’s CPU. It’s quite a bit labour-intensive to write in assembly so I suppose it’s best not to pursue that route.
  • ProjectX is another dead end. Kid Stardust was probably referring to the project name for Forsaken 64, which was due for release almost a year after this demo was published.
  • There are also a few names mentioned: Rene, Major Rom and Zeronine, not sure what to make of that.

That’s pretty much about all there is to this ROM. Unfortunately it can’t provide us with any new leads to help with N64 homebrew development. πŸ™


A few months later, a sequel was released by Lem. It uses a lot of the same source code and has some more impressive visuals: Absolute Crap Intro #2

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We have a look at Absolute Crap Intro #1 by Kid Stardust, a simple N64 homebrew ROM that displays some text. This demo lives up to its name.
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