Dynamix (aka Introduction’ Intro of Dynamix on N64) is a N64 homebrew demo made by Immortal and Widget and published in December 1997. The demo is a marquee/bitmap style, with a floating 2D logo, some rotating 3D characters and scrolling text.

You can download the ROM for Dynamix as well as its associated files here by using the password “dnxintro”.

Files & Transcript

Dextrose description

Bitmap-Logo, 3D-Logo, Scroller, Music



Hiya and welcome to the first dynamix demo on the nintendo 64!!!
 since this is our first release we'd like to introduce ourselves.
 Currently Dynamix consists of two members: Immortal and Widget.
 You are probably wondering why we chose the name 'Dynamix',
 besides the fact that the name has a nice ring to it, it has been
 a very cool group in PC scene with people like Bluewater, Razor,
 Sharp, Hoson, etc… As some of you may know this demo has been
 delayed some weeks. We don't wanna bore you with details but besides
 lack of time and stupid typo's. It's mostly due to the Doc64 lack
 of quality. Widget's Doc currently has a corrupt memory module and
 a exploded power supply. So he'll probably won't see the final version
 of this demo till next week. 'Long live vd64' my ass. Still it's the
 best equipment for developing, let's wait and see what the Z64 can do.
 It's time for demo credits: Immortal coded the 3D object part and
 the GL2C converter, Widget coded the 2D sprite part and PPM2C convertor.
 And featuring as guest coder we have Lac!!! He coded and let us
 use Lacmod!!! The S3M module you are listening to is called
 'Ode 2 Jodie Sweetin' and is composed by Cygnes. Ok ok ok.
 It's time for the greetings and hello's, all in non-logical order:
 Lac, Stan, Twinnie, Locke, Nagra, Jovis, Jihad, Uxorious, Fractal,
 Datawiz, Oman, Silo, Kid Stardust, Rene, Sispeo, Titanik, Wildfire,
 Steve, Fusionman, Stumble, Tazdevil, Speedy-G, Wizard, RIP,
 Conmango, Superdoc, Matzer, Nil, Fredro and ofcoz Lac hehehehe..
 That's all for this introduction, if you wanna contact us,
 Join N64dev on Efnet IRC.


         /. |_.  _   /__..
        ..\/  |    |  | /.\_ \/ ::  |  /         |  | _.  |   :  |/ | | \  / |  |\   /
         |  :  \ |  |  \   |    \  \/  |  |/ : \         |__/ :  :|__|  |/|||/  |_RD +-------------_/------__|-;Presents+-__|-----------+
 The 'Introduction' Intro of Dynamix of the Nintendo 64!
   Coded by: Immortal and Widget
   Rel.date: 7th of December 1997
   This introduction isn't 100% complete but we wanted to
   release it asap after already being delayed for weeks.
   So check out the rom and remember this demo is just a
   'Hello world, there is a new group on the block'. The
   demo contains some n64 fundamentals: 2d,3d and sound.
   2d (sprites) part consists of the scroller and logo.
   The logo is drawn by Fractal. 3d part consists of the
   rotating dnx logo. For sound we use LaC's excellent
   lacmod player. The .S3M module is composed by Cygnus.
   Greetings to:
   speedy-g,wizard,rip,conmango,superdoc and matzer.
   -Immortal & Widget
 Message to LaC :
   We used transparency in the DNX 3d-part


   /. |_.  _   /__..
 ..\/  |    |  | /.\_ \/ ::  |  / |  | _.  |   :  |/ | | \  / |  |\   /
 |  :  \ |  |  \   |    \  \/  |  |/ : \ |__/ :  :|__|  |/|||/  |_RD +------_/------__|-;Presents+-__|---+
 The 'Introduction' Intro of Dynamix on N64!


            ______   ________  ________  ________        ________        
_____\     \ _\____   |_\___    \_\___    \      /    ___/_       /     /\
     \     /   |    /    /    /____/      \_____    |       
\____________/_________|____\    \____|                |____|              

This is a demo in the same vein as all the others that deal with introductions. In the Dextrose days, people would often introduce themselves to the community by making a demo to show that they are worthy, and this is the one for the Dynamix group.

At the time of release, this ROM announced that Dynamix consisted of Immortal and Widget, but it is implied that they left it open for other people to join if they wanted.

The demo itself is there to showcase that they can set up the basics of maing an Nintendo 64 ROM: 2D visuals, 3D models and sound. It seems to have completed that goal pretty well, even though they’re fairly basic.

The ROM mentions that the ROM has been delayed due to technical issues, and the accompanying text says that there will be an update in a week. As far as I know, there is no other publicly released version of the Intro.

There are a few other small parts that other people played such as Fractal doing the logo design and LaC doing the lacmod player. The music playing throughout the ROM is called Ode 2 Jodie Sweetin by Cygnes, released in 1996.

I think that the ROM is a very good first attempt. The music is nice, the graphics show that they are capable and it loops nicely. The only thing I’d change is that the text seems to me to be a bit too focused on what was happening at that moment rather than trying to make something a bit more timeless.

Overall Dynamix is a good ROM to start your group out with.

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Dynamix is a Nintendo 64 homebrew Demo that is an introduction to the community of a group by the same name. Have a look for yourself and download the ROM.
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