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Chip-8 Emulators


These two emulators on the Nintendo 64 interpret Chip-8, a simple language for creating basic games on early microcomputers.

Vector Demo


Vector Demo is a homebrew project by Destop which showcases a variety of 3D effects on the Nintendo 64 written in MIPS assembly.

10 Years of N64 Squid!


It’s been 10 years of N64 Squid, let’s have a look at what’s been going on throughout the years, as well as a look at its tenth year!

Oerjan Intro


Oerjan Intro is a N64 homebrew demo made by Oerjan78 which has a flickering bitmap and a green triangle vortex.

Office Horror


Office Horror is a homebrew game for the Nintendo 64 by Kepuli Games where you have to find your way out of a creepy office.

Sort 64


Sort 64 is a hombrew demo I made where you can visualise 38 sorting algorithms right on your N64 sith a variety of speeds, graphics and sounds.

Mario Builder 64


Mario Builder 64 is a homebrew hack of Super Mario 64 where you can create your own levels to play and share with your friends.

Wet Dreams


Wet Dreams is a series of four N64 homebrew demos from April 1999 that showcase a variety of 2D and 3D effects.

Hard POM


Hard POM is a homebrew demo scroller with a choice of three different bitmaps and 3D text effects to pick from.

Flood 64


Flood 64 is a puzzle game by Vrgl117 Games where you join coloured sections on a grid to make the board all the same colour.


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