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Super Mario 64 Land


Super Mario 64 Land is an ambitious N64 hack of SM64 that brings over 32 new levels with brand new game mechanics that make it lots of fun.

Random programming project: Tic-Tac-Toe


I made a command-line version of Tic-Tac-Toe in C go get a little bit of practice. It has a 1-2 player mode and boards from 1×1 to 9×9.

Cubivore / Doubutsu Banchou on the Nintendo 64


The N64 development ROM for Cubivore (Doubutsu Banchou) by Saru Brunei has been found and leaked after being hidden for over twenty years.

The game is on: The N64brew Game Jam 2022 is live!


The 2022 N64brew game jam has been announced and this year’s theme is “SPOOKY”! Check out the Discord channel to find a team and apply.

Smash Remix v1.2.0 – Sheik edition


Zelda’s alter ego joins the fight in the latest update to Smash Remix! Includes two new stages, four items and several QoL fixes.

Eight years of N64 Squid


N64 Squid celebrates it’s 8 years of running! Yay! Let’s go through a recap of the past 12 months, shall we?

ZZ Gunner


ZZ Gunner is a N64 homebrew game by Ryzee119 where you have to remove an alien robot menace which controls your spaceship.

Tandem Trouble


Tandem Trouble is a game where you traverse a tunnel filled with lava and fire to save the princess. Made by Team Terminal Viscosity.



SUGGOH by Someone2639 is a homebrew game for the N64 where two players try to replicate each other’s drawings for a high score.

Power Struggle


Power Struggle is a N64 homebrew game by The Shaders where you control a robot that hijacks other robots to progress in each level.


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