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Dinosaur Planet ROM Leaked


After 20 years, the Dinosaur Planet ROM has finally been leaked. The game which eventually became Starfox Adventures is playable on your N64.

A new Ocarina of Time 2D is in the works


The Reaver brothers are coming back again (and about time too) and this time they’re in the mood to start anew in developing an Ocarina of Time 2D with original assets and structure.

The Swoop 64


The Swoop 64 is a homebrewn N64 flight simulator where you play as a bird who steals objects to build a nest as high as possible.

Lunar Assault 64


Lunar Assault 64 is a homebrew game for the N64 by Daniel Savage where you have to save the moon from lunar beasts in1st and 3rd person.

sblobber 64


Sblobber 64 is a homebrewn puzzle game made by VRGL117 for the 2020 64brew game jam, winning 2nd place. Let’s take a look.

Kumi-Daiko Beatoff 64


Kumi-Daiko Beatoff 64 is a Nintendo 64 homebrew game by Team Riistahillo in which you swing a taiko drum around to smash your opponents.

Telocation: Gemini


Telocation: Gemini is a Nintendo 64 homebrew game made by Ultra Rare that won 1st place in the 2020 64brew game jam. Well done!

N64brew Game Jam 2020 winners announced!


I’m a bit late with this post because of holidays and such but the results for the 2020 N64brew Game Jam are in! Let’s have a look.

Smash Remix updated to v0.9.5 – Mad Piano edition


Mad Piano from Big Boo’s Haunt in Super Mario 64 joins the fight in Smash remix v0.9.5!

Play as * in Ocarina of Time


Play as * is a N64 homebrew hack that allows you to play as Dark Link, MM link, Kafei or even any object in the game (if you’re brave enough).


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