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The Legend of Zelda: Master of Time + Remastered


Master of Time is a N64 hack that brings Link into the world of Abello, a whole new world continuing the epic tale from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

MeeTing Demo


MeeTing Demo is a homebrew demo for the Nintendo 64 by Renderman. It includes some cool 3D objects and a LOT of greets.



Feddit is a WordPress plugin that allows you to replicate Reddit’s functionality on your own website.

Alleycat 64


Alleycat 64 is an unfinished homebrew port by Dosin of the classic MS-DOS game from 1984 where you explore the world as a stray cat.

Project 64 1.6 vulnerability found


A vulnerability has been found in Project 64 v1.6 where it allows N64 ROMs to execute arbitrary code on your PC.

Super Bomberman 2


Super Bomberman 2 is a port of the SNES game to the N64 by Rider. It crashes after less than a minute of gameplay so it’s not worth trying.

Siemon 64


Siemon 64 is a homebrew game by Jakes1403 where you play a game of Simon Says that could mean the difference between life and death.

Banjo Kazooie Remastered and Re-Jiggyed


Banjo Kazooie Remastered and Re-Jiggyed is a fan project which remakes the levels from Banjo Kazooie/Tooie in a series of cinematic trailers.

Dragon Ball Kart 64


Dragon Ball Kart 64 is a homebrew hack of Mario Kart 64 where you can play through all the original tracks with all-new DB characters.

Wolfenstein 64


Wolfenstein 64 is a homebrew port of the classic FPS by Id Software. There are two versions: one by Jnmartin84 and another by 9_nova.


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