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8BitDo releases a N64 controller mod


The N64 controller mod by 8BitDo is a kit that replaces your controller’s PCB which converts it to a wireless bluetooth controller.

Return to Yoshi’s Island 64


Return to Yoshi’s Island 64 Is a mod for Super Mario 64 by Kaze where you have to save the Yoshis by gathering stars in 3 unique levels.

Sicko mode – An update to Wizard of the Board


Sicko mode is an expansion to Wizard of the Board featuring 17 new levels and a few new moves.

New section: Projects


I added a new section to the website: Projects. This includes a lot of stuff unrelated to the N64 but will include more as time goes on.



The VNES64 is a homebrew emulator by JL_Picard for the Nintendo 64 that lets you play NES games right on your 64-bit console.



Piptendo is a homebrew demo for the N64 by Mr. Pips. It is possibly the simplest example of a demo ever published on Dextrose.

Tim Stamper shows intro to Twelve Tails


Tim Stamper has shared a video of the Twelve Tales intro. Let’s have a look!



Psychodelic by Blackbag is possibly the longest Nintendo 64 homebrew demo out there. Released in 1998, it won 3rd place in POM ’98.

Freek World Intro


Freek World Intro is a homebrew demo for the Nintendo 64 that serves as an introduction to the Freek Word BBS that existed back in the 90’s.

GameBox 64HD: a new option for N64 HDMI output


The GameBox 64HD is a hardware mod for the Nintendo 64 which allows you to output HDMI video – great for modern TV and capture devices!


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