Oerjan Intro

Oerjan Intro is a homebrew demo released by Oerjan78 on 24 April 1999. It’s a very simple demo that has a blinking bitmap followed by his name with flowing triangles. I wouldn’t recommend playing through it since it really is that simple, you can get everything you need to know about it from this page. It was released to compete in the Presence of Mind ’99 competition, where it arrived in 18th place.

You can get the ROM from its download page by using the password oerjansdemo.

About the Oerjan Intro demo

This demo is extremely simple. I’d normally categorise it among the marque/bitmap kind of demos, but itdoesn’t even have a text scroller to write about. The included readme file says that the creator, Oerjan, has been coding for about ten days and he thanks Count0 for the help with building it.

What makes it even stranger is that Oerjan isn’t a name that I recognise from any of the greets from the other demos that I’ve covered on this site before. So my guess is that Oerjan is just someone who stumbled upon the Dextrose forums at some point and gave this whole N64 scene thing a try without really getting involved with the community there.

The demo itself has two sections. The first one is about 11 seconds of this image flickering on screen. I have no idea what it is, but it looks like fanart of The Noid. I suppose the flickering happens because there is a desync between clearing the frame buffer and drawing the bitmap, but I can’t be sure about it.

The second part has the username “oErjan78” (implying he was 21 at the time) that moves in a wavy pattern while zooming past some green triangles. I’m not completely sure whether the triangles are rendered as 3D primitives or whether they are just flat bitmaps.

Review and conclusion

The Oerjan Intro demo really is one of the simplest demos from the Pom 99 competition. I’d even argue that I prefer the Analogue Test Utility Demo since it actually does have some form of interactivity.

That said, given the short timespan it was developed in, simply getting it running is a feat in and of itself. It is unclear how it was developed, whether it was a copy of someone else’s demo with some tweaks (as the readme implies) or if it was built up from scratch.

Either way, I wouldn’t recommend loading this demo. You honestly can get the same level of satisfaction (and epilepsy) by watching the video on this very page.

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Oerjan Intro is a N64 homebrew demo made by Oerjan78 which has a flickering bitmap and a green triangle vortex.
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