Turok: Dinosaur Hunter source code found

Having worked in with N64 Homebrew in the past, this is a most interesting development: the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter source code has been found on an old SGI Indy machine. I’ll go ahead and post the video ao you can have a look for yourself:

Okay, exciting discovery this morning: I’ve been backing up the files from these Indy from the Acclaim bankruptcy and I was working on the drive from this system (this is the one that has the Iguana Entertainment asset tag on it). I took the drive out to put it in another system to just pull the files off and back them up to that external drive you see on top there. And this one has some interesting stuff!

To start off with, as you can see here it had the installable version of the Nintendo 64 development environment which was the software companion to the Ultra 64 dev board. So this could be useful for someone who maybe has the dev hardware but doesn’t have the Dev Kit yet. I’m not sure if it’s already available online. I think it might be but we’ll see. This is version 150G.

But more interesting than that is what appears to be the entire source code for Turok Dinosaur Hunter for N64. I guess this is the original release of Turok. A bunch of files on here including some audio files and maybe graphics too, I’m not sure. but as you can see this is tengine.c… This is maybe the main source C file for Turok? I’m not sure. It’s got all kinds of references to other files in it. There’s a control header file in here. These are just some samples that I pulled up. There’s several hundred files, maybe more in that folder. Trex.c here which looks like a Trex boss control file. I guess this is the code that controls one of the enemy characters ‘Trex’ I guess in the game. You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve never actually played Turok; I’m not too familiar with the characters or, you know, the gameplay.

And also in this folder a bunch of audio. Which appears to be the original audio for the game. There’s like game music here… If you can hear that, let me turn up the volume a little bit. Some sound effects… I guess this folder contains the audio for the entire game. There are 121 files in here. And several thousand more audio files in another folder on this drive. For other games, there seems to be some sport related games, a WWF game. I would show you, but there’s about 5000 audio files and when I try to open in a window, it sort of freezes Irix. It’s just too many files to open. But I’ll post some more detail about this later on.

But anyway, yeah: interesting find. And somebody who’s into retro game redevelopment or whatever might be able to make some good use out of this. I’ll be posting more to come and there’s some MoCap-related stuff on another system that I’ll be posting. And see all those systems there? I’ll go through the rest of those and see what’s on those drives. I just have a general idea of what’s on them. But so far I’ve only gone through a few of them. Yeah, good stuff and stay tuned for more.

Now, after discovering this he posted another video following up on it. He says that he’s not going to post the material online because it would be violation of copyright but that he will sell the machine off to the public. The item made its way to eBay where it sold for a whopping $2551.99 on Jan 21 2017.

To finish off, Stephen Broumley, one of the developers who wrote some of the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter source code back in the day commented:

I coded all the bosses, cinemas, effects, and a bunch of other systems for Turok back in the day when I was a young lad. I remember that dev hardware – what a blast from the past! Thanks so much for sharing!

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter source code gallery

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A collector has found the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter source code in the Acclaim bankruptcy clearance and put it up for grabs to the highest bidder.
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