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Random programming project: Reddit reposting bot


A simple python bot for Reddit users that want to replicate a subreddit into another one when the original has a toxic mod team or community.

Nintro 64


Nintro 64 is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo featuring original 3D models, music and more. It was the winner of the Presence of Mind competition in 1998.

New Pokémon Snap sequel coming out on the Switch


New Pokémon Snap is a game for the Nintendo Switch. It currently has no release date and few specifics, but it looks like it’s bound to be a faithful successor.

Six years of N64 Squid


What has been going on for the past year (2019-2020) on N64 Squid? Here’s a short summary and a collection of my favourite posts of the year.

Obsidian Y2K


Obsidian Y2K is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo that was meant to celebrate the turn of the millenium and introduce the Obsidian group to the demo scene.

Felt N64 Console, Controller, and Cartridge by Close Call Studio


This handmade felt Nintendo 64 made by Close Call Studio includes a console, controller and cartridge. It’s non-functional, but it’s just too darn cute!

Smash Remix updated to v0.9.3b – Lucas edition


Lucas is now a playable character in Smash Remix, and there are also 9 new levels and improvements on old ones!



Pamela is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo made by Pamela in October 1999. It features red scrolling text and a link to an old N64 website and repository.

N64, Gamecube and Wii source code leak


There has been a source code leak of some old internal Nintendo docs that show the workings of the Wii, Gamecube and Nintendo 64 down to the hardware level.

64Mate Kickstarter launched!


The 64Mate Kickstarter is now live! The 64Mate is an add-on for the Nintendo 64 that has been making the rounds lately on social media, mostly thanks to Ghillieguide and Shane Battye over at @Official64Mate engaging and being active with the community. Update 24 May 2020: The 64Mate kickstarter has been cancelled and they will […]


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