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TRSI Intro


TRSI Intro is a homebrew demo for the Nintendo 64 which has a 3D animation of a ring traversing a tube and a whole lot of blank space.

Ataxx 64


Ataxx 64 is a hombrew game for the N64 in which you place pieces on a board in order to convert your opponent’s pieces and win the game.

Groovy Invaders


Groovy Invaders is a game I made using Groovy and JavaFX as practice using the language for an upcoming job.

Smash Remix v1.5.0 – Banjo Kazooie, Ebisumaru and Dragon King edition


Banjo Kazooie, Ebisumaru, Dragon King and Metal Luigi join the fight in the latest version of Smash Remix!

Getter Love English translation


The Getter Love English translation has been released after years in development, bringing the Japanese dating sim to the rest of the world.

Nacho 64


Nacho 64 is a homebrew demo for the N64 by SPLiT that recreates a scene complete with 3D models in a Mexican desert town.

Absolute Crap Intro #2


Absolute Crap Intro #2 is a homebrew demo by Lem of the SPLiT group which consists of a green beret character and a scrolling marquee.

Nufan demo


Nufan demo is a homebrew project by Kid Stardust which shows some morphing shapes and a lot of hard-to-read text.

New Libdragon section: Saving


While it is possible to make a game that doesn’t use any saves, it severely limits how long your game can be.

Analogue Test Utility


The Analogue Test Utility by WT Riker is a N64 demo that lets you determine how ‘tight’ the analogue joystick is on your controller.


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