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Brew Volley


Brew Volley is a homebrew game by Tfmoe__ where you play volleyball as two N64 Brew logos on the side of the beach.

Alien Sun


Alien Sun is a homebrew platform game by 9_nova where you explore a strange foreign planet in search for crystals.

The results are in for the 2023 game jam!


The results for the top 3 winners of the 2023 game jam are in! Have a look and see how well your favourite did.

EDMDI Kart 64


EDMDI Kart 64 is a hack of Mario Kart 64 with seven new levels based on the web series El Decente Mundo De Isai.

Presence of Mind ’98 (POM98)


The wait is finally over! I’ve gone through all the Presence of Mind ’98 entries and tracked down the original advertisements down. Now it’s all here in one place for all to bear witness to this milestone in N64 homebrew history.

Only Up 64


Only Up 64 is a homebrew hack by Kaze Emanuar where you climb through hundreds of 3D objects from all sorts of Nintendo 64 games.

2 Blokes & An Armchair


2 Blokes & An Armchair is a N64 homebrew demo by Tesko about, well, two blokes messing about on an armchair.

Super Mario Sunshine 64


Super Mario Sunshine 64 is a hack of SM64 which gives you the look and feel of playing the classic Gamecube game right on your N64.



B3313 is a hack of Super Mario 64 that follows the urban legend of the personalisation AI and internal plexus theory made by ChrisRLillo.



77a is a homebrewn strategy game for the N64 by Count0 where two players take turns shooting artillery projectiles at each other.


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