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Dead Ritual


Dead Ritual is a FPS homebrew game for the N64 made by Team Half An Octopus where you explore a city overrun by zombies.

Spirit Harvest


Spirit Harvest is a homebrew game for the Nintendo 64 by Team Spirit Walkers where you explore a haunted 3D environment.

Super Snooper Spookers


Super Snooper Spookers is a game by CardboardBox where you play as a Spooker and you have to scare away Snoopers to keep them safe.



Styx is the winner of the 2022 64brew game jam where you play as a skeleton working in a warehouse working to fulfill Halloween deliveries.

Spooky N64 Brew Game Jam 2022 winners announced!


The results are in! The winners of the spooky 2022 game jam by 64 have been announced and the ROMs are available for download.

Another Princess is in our Castle


Another Princess is in our Castle is a PC game where you play as Mario returning to Peach’s castle a few years after her untimely death.



Fire is a homebrew demo of a giant flame growing and engulfing the entire screen. It was made in December 1997 by Lac.

Was the N64 really 64 bits?


The console wars in the 90’s have always been if bits really mattered or if a console like the N64 really had 64 bits. Let’s find out!

Triforce% run in Ocarina of Time


The Triforce% run is a speedrun in Ocarina of Time that is generated by arbitrary code execution to reveal beta content and a new quest.

Super Mario 64 Land


Super Mario 64 Land is an ambitious N64 hack of SM64 that brings over 32 new levels with brand new game mechanics that make it lots of fun.


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