Project 64 1.6 vulnerability found

This has been in the pipeline for a few weeks now but better late than never, right?

Project 64 is the OG emulator for the Nintendo 64, coming all the way from 2001 and still being used in some iteration or another to this day. I personally like v1.6 because of how it’s compatible with some drivers for controller adapters whereas some new ones aren’t. It’s basically a good ol’ reliable emulator that works with most games and most N64 hacks.

However it has seen a decline in its popularity with the rise of alternative emulators like Mupen64, Cen64 and Ares as well as an annoying nag screen every time you boot up any of the newer versions of PJ64.

Now, another problem has appeared for Project 64 fans. An explot was recently discovered that made it so that ROMs could execute arbitrary code on your PC. Kaze has made a video explaining how this works along with some examples, so I’d recommend having a look at that first.

Basically, for security reasons it’s important to avoid Project 64 v1.6 since someone could put a virus on your PC. It’s best to switch to any newer version of Project 64 or another emulator entirely.

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A vulnerability has been found in Project 64 v1.6 where it allows N64 ROMs to execute arbitrary code on your PC.
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