New Paper Mario: A preview

I suppose that by now we’re all familiar with Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, the classic spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG and the first in a series of Paper Mario games. Well, it’s been out for almost fifteen years now, and hopefully soon we’ll be seeing a graphically updated version of this great N64 game by Nelde.

Preview video of New Paper Mario

About the mod

When you play a Nintendo 64 game on an emulator, it drastically increases the video resolution to the point where everything looks really weird. However, it comes with the problem that the textures within the game don’t seem to expand at all. Well, they do but their resolution stays blocky as hell.

Because of this, the team over at are upgrading the resolution of each and every texture in the game, from start to finish.


Now this is a process that is taking a long time. The creator has said in the FAQ that it will be done when it’s done, but that they hope to get it done by the 15th anniversary of Paper Mario, which is just under a year away.

The final product will be released as a texture pack,meaning that it will only be able to work in an emulator on a PC, rather than as a ROM that would work on an actual N64 via and Everdrive or 64drive.

I’ll try to remember to make another post about this subject once the game gets released, hopefully it will be soon!

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Ever had a look at Paper Mario for the N64 on a higher-res output? Well, it won't look as terrible with the New Paper Mario graphical update.
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