Super Mario 64 in Banjo Kazooie

A few weeks back, I came across a video regarding the world of Banjo Kazooie recreated using the engine from SM64. It’s basically the engine from Super Mario 64 in Banjo Kazooie, recreating levels like Spiral Mountain, Gruntilda’s Lair and Spiral Mountain.

Of course (as you’d expect), there are some differences in gameplay given that the abilities that Mario has are very different from what Banjo and Kazooie have.

  • From the looks of it, either Mario is very agile, or the world is scaled down a bit too much. Most of the jumps seem to be done a bit too easily.
  • There are no ‘Jiggy Insertion’ screens before each level since there was no functionality for that sort of thing in the original Super Mario 64.
  • In the ant hive in Mumbo’s Mountain, the sides aren’t slippy, and the ‘webbed’ floors can be climbed on from below.
  • The enemies are all from Super Mario 64, since they don’t exist in Banjo Kazooie.
  • There’s also a mystery level in Click Clock Wood, but the video doesn’t say much about it.

Download instructions

You can download the patch for the file here. In order to get it to work, open it with the included patching software and apply the patch to a Super Mario 64 ROM called “Super Mario 64 (U) [!]”. When running it on an emulator like Project 64, be sure to set the RAM to 8MB (simulating an Expansion Pak) by going to Options> Settings> Config:SUPER BANJO 64 RDX> Memory Size.

The game doesn’t run on an Everdrive 64.

Another older version of Super Mario 64 in Banjo Kazooie

When looking into this, I found this old video from 2009. There’s not much to it, but here it is anyway.

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There is a mod that allows you to play as Super Mario 64 in Banjo Kazooie. Explore the levels in a whole new light thanks to this mod by Waschpenner and Shyguyhex.
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