The whole Ocarina of Time map was put into one Super Mario 64 level

Sometimes, you might just wish that you could bypass a hurdle in a game by using the ability that a character from another game might use. In this video by Skelux, it becomes possible. He used a map maker to make a huge Super Mario 64 level which covers most of the overworld from Ocarina of Time.

The conversion is quite faithful, the areas seem to be converted to a T. The models are as vast and impressive as the original OOT maps, and they can be travelled from one to another fairly easily. But a video is worth a million words, so let’s take a look:

Differences from a complete conversion

Being as pedantic as I am, it surely goes without saying that I need to point out some differences between this Super Mario 64 map and the Ocarina of Time world. Note, I think that this takes place in adult Link world since the well in Kakariko is sealed, but it’s hard to tell since there are no NPCs and the building under construction has disappeared.

  • The textures are different. Take for example the walls in Hyrule Field, in the original they look like a forest but in this version they look like rock.
  • Water is solid. Mario 64 had swimmable water, so it would make sense to include it here. Also, the water is not animated, it’s as though it was stuck in time.
  • There are no enemies. Makes sense, since this is just a map sample.
  • Many of the objects are also missing, for example the graves in the graveyard or any of the NPCs in the game.
  • There is no loading between zones. It’s really interesting to see Mario go up the steps to Kakariko Village; I always wondered what that hallway looked like.
  • Mario can’t use ladders. Subtitles say his hands are too stubby.
  • Music seems to be added in editing, rather than be included in the mod itself.
  • Many of the areas are probably missing. Though it could be that the player in the video just decided to not go there, they do show the entrance to a few places that aren’t visited:
    • Death Mountain
    • Zora’s Domain
    • Hyrule Castle Town
    • Lake Hylia
    • Gerudo Valley
    • Lon Lon Ranch
    • None of the dungeons/temples

It’s kind of fun to play ‘spot the differences’. Let me know in the comments below if you notice any more.

Just a final note, I think that the coolest thing to see would be Mario in the Lost Woods or in the Gerudo Training Ground. Just a thought.

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