Bizarre Nintendo 64 controller art

nintendo 64 controller art

Oh wow, today I was going through the listings for Nintendo 64 controllers on eBay (UK) as part of the ‘research’ for a post I was writing about 3rd party N64 controllers when I came across this piece of Nintendo 64 controller art.

At first glance I thought that it was a transparent controller that had its internal circuit board and components broken off into bits and pieces. But upon closer inspection (and reading the description), it turns out that it’s a resin cast that the seller put the various components into. Except the circuit board, because that would be too weird. It’s so out of the ordinary that even the joystick box is taken apart and spewed throughout the controller.

Images of the Nintendo 64 controller art:

controller-art-2 controller-art-3 controller-art-4 controller-art-5

A little bit more

From an ‘artistic’ viewpoint (or as much of an artistic viewpoint as I can muster) it kind of reminds me of a katamari-esque blob. Something like the trapper keeper from South Park. It wanders around gobbling up things to grow into an unstoppable monstrosity. Or maybe it looks like the genesis of how the controller was made – before becoming a whole with all its parts in place, it had to go through a stage of being half-complete; sort of like how a liposome compares to an early bacteria.

For an art project done at university, I must say that it’s pretty cool. It’s certainly unique compared to all those colour-swapped controllers (no hate, I really love repainted controllers). So if you’re interested, you can have a look at the link above and place a bid on this Nintendo 64 controller art piece. The bidding ends on Sunday afternoon (UK time), so place a bid soon to get a chance at winning it.

I had a look at the poster’s shop, and they do have a selection of other N64 stuff, so you can have a look at those as well to support the artist.

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Squid has a look at a piece of bizarre Nintendo 64 controller art being auctioned off on eBay.
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