N64 trainers by Nike: The Air Max 97

Nike has announced a new set of trainers (sneakers for you Yanks) in its stores. They haven’t explicitly named it after the Nintendo 64, but the resemblance is uncanny.

The shoe is a part of the Nike’s Air Max 97 line, which as been running (as the name implies) since 1997. It bases its design off of Japanese bullet trains and has over 50 different colour models (that I managed to find, anyway).

As a tribute to the year, this particular model has features colurs and labels that resemble that of a Nintendo 64 controller.

The colour scheme has a grey background like the classic grey controller. Representing the A/B buttons are the blue/green strips along the side, and the red trim represents the start button.

The yellow from the C buttons is displayed in the shoe’s base/ platform, as well as the D-pad’s dark grey.

There are a few other quirks as well. The poofy flaps (dunno what they’re called, it’s the bit under the laces) have power and reset buttons, and the inside label follows the same design as the ESRB logo.

I’m not sure of when Nike will be releasing the shoes, as they’re not in any online stores that I’ve seen at the time of publishing this post. However, it is rumoured that they’ll be out by the end of the summer. Once they do, a pair will set you back $160 or £150, less if on sale.

In my opinion, these shoes are way too dear to buy just for the novelty of being based on the N64. A Nintendo 64 fan would probably be wiser to spend that money on a flash cart, HDMI or even a rare or expensive cartridge. That said, the design is pretty cool and if I was looking to buy a pair of sneakers/trainers within this price range, I’d go for these.

This post is not sponsored by Nike.

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Nike is releasing a new set of Air Max 97 shoes with a colour scheme based on the Nintendo 64. Let's take a look and see what makes this design stand out.
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