Nintendo 64 Controller Remake by David Engström

Over the past two years, we’ve been drooling over the N64 controller remake such as the Retro Fighters controller that was kickstarted a  while back and the more recent transparent coloured version. Which reminded me that a few years back, I came across this little tidbit of a project by David Engström: the Nintndo 64 Controller Remake. You can download and see more files on its grabcad page.

A remake of the old Nintendo 64 controller. Made this as a school assignment.

As you can see, the controller model is quite impressive, it seems to have the purple hue of a Gamecube Controller, but still have the N64 joystick and face button layout. One thing that does seem to be missing from this model is a Z trigger. The problem with adapting a 3-pronged controller into a 2-pronged layout is that it requires the three shoulder buttons to be placed where two should be. Most solve this issue by putting it below the L and R buttons, somewhat like the Wii U and Switch controllers do but here it just seems to be missing.

Another thing I noticed about this model is that the untextured black and white version looks quite a bit like the Chinese iQue player, doesn’t it?

Now that I see it again, the iQue’s edges are a bit pointier that David Engström’s. Oh well, it’s just what came to mind.

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David Engström made a Nintendo 64 controller remake for a class a few years back, and here we are to have a look through at how it turned out.
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