Deformed N64 controller scan

Did you ever wonder about the dark side of 3D printing? Well here it is. I came across this scan of a deformed N64 controller which looks like it has spent a bit too much time in the sun.

The melted and deformed N64 controller


Top view.


Side view.

Now this right here is the reason why you’d want to design 3D art from scratch rather than from a scanned model. It’s hideous! Now, I understand that it takes a lot less time and effort to scan something and to be fair it’s a fairly decent approximation. But goddamn, you need to retouch your 3D models before you put them online for everyone to see.

If you don’t you’ll end up with this unholy abomination of a deformed N64 controller. Yeuch.

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This deformed N64 controller was made from scanning a Nintendo 64 controller with the wire removed. Let's have a closer look at the results, shall we?
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