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It surely is a great time to be a fan of the Nintendo 64. I know I’m a bit late to this story but it’s something that definitely needs to be covered. This is a Kickstarter campaign to write and promote a book by Mathieu Manent from Montmorency, France which is an anthology about each and every one of the 388 games released for the Nintendo 64 worldwide.

N64 Anthology Details

The book has already been written in French so the kickstarter is only for the English translation. It’s also due to be released on 29 Sept 2016 to coincide with the 29th anniversary of the North American release.

It will contain the following chapters:

Chapter One: HISTORY

  • Origins
    The Advent of The CD
    A New Adventure
    Announcements and Promises
    1995: Radio Silence
    1996: Status Report Before the News Broke
  • Nintendo 64 (1996-2002)
    Finally Available
    On the Way to the USA
    Where Are the Games?
    Arrival In Europe
    “You’ll Never Believe it”
    1998, An Exceptional E3
    Dolphins and Pokémon
    The End of an Era
    The Sixty-fourth Dimension
  • Nintendo 64: A New Life
    IQue Player
    Virtual Console for Wii
    Game Remakes

Chapter Two: Nintendo 64, A New Lease On Life
Chapter Three: Interviews
Chapter Four: Hardware
Chapter Five: The Complete Games Library
Chapter Six: 64 Dd
Chapter Seven: Canceled Games
Chapter Eight: Rare Versions And Collector’s Edition
Chapter Nine: Around The World
Chapter Ten: Collector’s Corner
Chapter Eleven (Collector’s Edition Only): Advertising Around The World

There is also an optional limited edition book sleeve and artbook containing all the cover art of every game released. There is even an edition that gives all of the above plus a custom Zelda-themed Nintendo 64 for a whopping 500 euros.

Now I for one love these huge coffee table books. I remember getting the Hyrule Historia book as a gift a few years ago, and I really loved it so much that I almost dished out a few hundred quid for the box set of Zelda guides. However, I find that this is a much more intreguing purchase than the Zelda books for one simple reason – Zelda is still ongoing and needs to be updated while the Nintendo 64 is set in stone. There still might be a new mod or homebrew here or there but the official lifespan of the Nintendo 64 is over and done with which makes it possible to write a complete anthology without any new additions.

N64 anthology gallery

Sample anthology page

Sample anthology page

PAge talking about the hardware

Page talking about the hardware

Part of an interview

Part of an interview

Collector's checklist

Collector’s checklist


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The Nintendo 64 anthology that goes through every Nintendo 64 game is almost fully funded, let's see to it that it's completed.
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