Felt N64 Console, Controller, and Cartridge by Close Call Studio

Close Call Studio is a brand of felt art and illustration run by Amanda Adams that makes all sorts of handcrafted goodies. Her sculptures are made out felt, but she also does illustrations that are printed onto shirts and stickers. What brought my attention to this store is that there are a set of Nintendo-64 inspired items: a felt N64 console, cartridge and controller.

There is a full set available for $164 (get it, 64?) and has a console with a power transformer and mains cable, a controller with its plug and a little stuffed cartridge.

The dimensions of each of these bits is about the same size as a regular Nintendo 64, so this isn’t a little toy that you can hold in one hand.

There are also felt controllers and cartridges that can be bought separately for $75 and $38 respectively. While the bundle only appears to come in orange, these have a variety of colours and designs.

The felt used is from recycled and reclaimed felt, some of it even coming from recycled PET bottles. It’s also handmade in the USA so it’s environmentally ethical and supports a small business owner. It’s quite a bit more expensive than, say, a plush toy but that’s the price of a sustainable economy.

Note / disclaimer: this console and cartridges will not play games, even if plugged into your mains. Seriously, don’t try it. AV cable not included.

Close Call Studio did not sponsor this post, and I can’t really endorse them either since I never bought one of these and can’t comment on their quality. I just thought that it was an interesting little thing that people might be interested in. And aren’t they just darn cute?

If you ever wanted to hug your console to sleep, it might be worth getting one of these felt Nintendo 64 consoles.

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This handmade felt Nintendo 64 made by Close Call Studio includes a console, controller and cartridge. It's non-functional, but it's just too darn cute!
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