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GT Demo is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo made by an unknown author and released in October 1997.

Very little is known about this demo, all I can find about it is the rom itself, even on archive sites. Some places that host the file have (PD) after the file name, so I’m going to assume that it is probably made by Protest Design.

You can download it from here using the password “GTbyUnknown”

In GT demo, there are four identical characters on the screen which are made of a bunch of 3D cuboids (and a trapezoidal prism for a torso). You control one at a time, switching between each character with the A button.

Each character has its own position on the screen, but they don’t really interact between them besides clipping through one another. You can walk in 360 degrees and punch. One fun little thing about the GT Demo is that the dummies freeze in whichever frame of the walking/punching cycle they’re in.

Another interesting thing about GT Demo is that if you move towards the camera , the polygons start glitching out once they get ‘inside’ the character model. Continue moving and they will appear upside down and stay in front of all the other players. If you then rotate the camera to where that model is now on the far side, it looks normal.

  • D-pad: Zoom in and out
  • Start: Reset everything
  • Joystick: Move character around
  • A button: Change selected character
  • B button: Toggle Z-Buffer
  • C-left/right: Punch left/right arm
  • Z-button + L/R button: Rotate screen

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GT Demo is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo made by an unknown developer in October 1997. In it, you control four blocky characters and camera around the screen.
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