Dragon Ball Kart 64

Dragon Ball Kart 64 is a homebrew hack of Super Mario 64 by ImmaVegeta and released on 7 Jan 2018 It’s a reskin of Mario Kart 64 but with Dragon Ball characters and themes.

You can get the patch for the ROM from the download page by using the password songoku. You can then apply the patch to a Mario Kart ROM called Mario Kart 64 (U) [!].z64 using the xdelta patcher. It can then be run on an emulator or on real hardware.

About Dragon Ball Kart 64

DBK 64 is a texture hack of Super Mario 64, so all the gameplay elements remain the same. The characters still drive the same and the tracks all play the same as their vanilla counterparts. The main difference is that the characters are now from the Dragon Ball franchise and the tracks are re-themed to represent areas from Dragon Ball.


The stages have all changed names to reflect the Dragon Ball theme, and some have extensive changes to the in-game visuals to reflect that.

Red Ribbon Cup

Cell Raceway

Turtle Hermit Beach

Nappa’s Farm


Majin Cup

West City

Buu’s Choco Mountain

Mount Frappe

Goku Raceway

Saiya Cup

Vegeta Stadium

Filler Hell


Garlic Castle

Ginyu Cup

Beerus Parkway

Baba’s Boardwalk

Planet Namek

World of Void


Here are the changed characters:

  • Mario -> Goku
  • Luigi -> Frieza
  • Peach -> Trunks
  • Toad -> Krillin
  • Yoshi -> Piccolo
  • Donkey Kong -> Beerus
  • Wario -> Vegeta
  • Bowser -> Cell

Review and conclusion

Dragon Ball Kart 64 does what it sets out to do – create an alternate skin of Mario Kart with Dragon Ball characters. What I find interesting about these hacks that come out years after the original game is all the anachronisms that come such as Beerus or World of Void (Null Realm) which first appeared in Dragon Ball Super more than 15 years after Mario Kart 64 came out.

The thing that I do like about it is that since it’s just a texture swap and there aren’t any physical changes to the track layouts, the game is still surprisingly stable. I managed to play through it for a few hours without a single glitch.

Definitely give this game a go if you’re a fan of both franchises. It finally gives Dragon Ball a place on the Nintendo 64 where it was denied almost 30 years ago.

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Dragon Ball Kart 64 is a homebrew hack of Mario Kart 64 where you can play through all the original tracks with all-new DB characters.
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