Freek World First Intro

Freek World First Intro is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo released on 04 October 1997 by Rene for Freek World. In some places, this demo is called Freekworld BBS-Intro or Freak World First Intro (spelt ‘freak’ instead of ‘freek’) but that would be incorrect.

This is not to be confused with the Freek World Intro by Ste.

You can download the ROM for this demo from its download page by using the password “fwbyrene”.


ROM transcript

Freek World
Sysop: CyBoRg

Freek World BBS: Player’s Paradise! BBS WHQ of msftuc-soncrap-arcadia-oldskool! Sysop: cyborg, Cosysops: Zigor Actraiser Rollo! Call now…. Greetings to all on and #N64SCENE…. Intro by Rene’….

 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
 --          First          --  
 --    FREEK WORLD INTRO    --
 --      Coded by Rene      --
 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


        This file rode a mean ass wave of electrons during its stay at:
           __________     ______        _______ _______ ___ _______
          /__     |  )   |   _. |      /__     i   __  |___)   __  )
           __)    | /____|    __|       __)    |. /__) :___:  ____/
          |:      |      |.   _)__     |:      |:     _|  .|.  |!st
          |.     o|o :   |:    o |     |.     o|o  :   i  o|o  |
          |_______|___:__|_______|     |_______|___:___|___|___|

       Serious Traders and Coders O.N.L.Y. -  T1 FTP - SiTEOP: Stumble

        - B L A C K B A G   W H Q -    /   - S N E A K E R S   W H Q - 
	- M S F T U G  Inet W H Q -    /    - I C E A G E   D I S T -
   	- H O O L I G A N S   US H Q - /    - ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -

          Now taking apps!      Email: [email protected] for info


                ______   ________  ________  ________        ________
           _____\     \ _\____   |_\___    \_\___    \      /    ___/_
          /     /\     \     /   |    /    /    /____/      \_____    |
          \____________/_________|____\    \____|                |____|

Dextrose description

Sinus Scroller

Freek World First Intro is pretty much as basic as a homebrew could be, besides something like Absolute Crap Intro #1. It follows the marquee/bitmap formula fairly well with little variation.

One of the things that makes this demo stand out is that it includes a full-size version of the bitmap alongside the ROM.

Freek World First Intro bitmap image with a bootleg x-wing

The image has a space background with what looks like a Starfury from Babylon 5. Freek World’s logo has a static world as the ‘O’, centered around what seems to be Bangladesh or Vietnam.

The purpose of this demo is to serve as an intro for the BBS (Bulletin Board System) Freek World. Not so much to serve as an advertisement for the site, but as a showcase for people visiting it.

The marquee text mentions Arcadia and Oldskool, which were homebrew scene groups that hosted Freek World back in 1996. It later moved to Shelter in 1997, which probably happened after this demo was released since it isn’t mentioned.

The bit that says “Sysop: CyBoRg” refers to the person managing Freek World. I have no idea what MSFTUG is, but Soncrap was another N64 homebrew developer.

Overall, it’s a very basic demo. The text doesn’t say much, but it does open the door to a rabbit hole once I looked up what Freek World was. I think I’ll leave it at that before I end up reading through all of it.

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Freek World First Intro is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo that is meant to act as an intro to the Freek World BBS where people shared newly released ROMs.
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