Another Release – God Knows Who!

This is one of the simpler demos we’ve seen around. Another Release – God Knows Who! is a plain ol’ marquee under a static bitmap released by NDT’s Sniffer and Tuff in December 1998.

The bitmap used for God Knows Who isn’t really that interesting, it’s just text in a wordart font. What would make it interesting would be if the shadows and effects on the main text were generated using the N64’s lighting capabilities, but I don’t think that’s the case.

You can get the ROM for this demo on the download page, using the password ”NDT”.

NDT proudly present: Another release (c) god knows who! Supplied by: Sniffer Packaged by: Tuff NDT are back again, this time we proudly present: Another release (c) God Knows Who. Supplied by: Sniffer Packaged by: Tuff.

The marquee is pretty useless since it pretty much just repeats what the title says (which is not much even at that). There is no sound, no button input… It’s a fairly straightforward N64 Demo.

The text at the bottom is a bit difficult to read, since they are white text on a white background. The only thing you can see is the text shadows which makes an interesting (albeit annoying) visual effect.

There is no accompanying information for this ROM so there isn’t much to say about the backstory. I coudn’t even find much about NDT, Sniffer or Tuff. Based on those names though, I think that’s a good thing.

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God Knows who is a simple N64 homebrew demo by NDT's Sniffer and Tuff that features a bitmap and marquee that talk about itself and not much else.
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