Last game on the Nintendo 64

A lot of people wonder “what was the last game released on the Nintendo 64?” Well, the answer differs depending on where you are and what your scope is. You have the three main regions (PAL, NTSC-NA and NTSC-JP), China’s iQue Player and finally unofficial releases. I’m not including homebrew games or hacks since there are so many of them and they’re not released on their own cartridge.

Europe / Australia / PAL

The last game released on PAL systems (mostly Europe and Australia) is Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage. It was released on 03 August 2001 (though it was released first in North America in March).

North Amrica / NTSC-NA

The next last game for the N64 was in North America (USA and Canada mostly), which is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. It was released exclusively in North America on 28 October 2001, just before the Gamecube came out.

Japan / NTSC-JP

Bomberman 64 (Racjin/arcade version), not to be confused with the other Bomberman 64 made by Hudson in 1997 is the final new game for the Nintendo 64. “New” in the sense that it isn’t a re-release like the next two on the list. It was released only in Japan on 20 December 2001, just over three months after the Gamecube came out.

China / iQue Player

This game is digital-only so it doesn’t have any box art

动物森林 is the Chinese port of the Japanese Animal Crossing (どうぶつの森 Doubutsu no Mori). It was released on the iQue Player on 01 June 2006.


The only mass-produced unlicensed game to come out for the N64 is 40 Winks. The game came out for Playstation in 1999 but the N64 port was cancelled. Piko Interactive then re-released it through a Kickstarter February 2018. Since it was delivered by post worldwide it doesn’t have a concrete ‘release date’, however the first deliveries were fulfilled in November 2018.


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