Fan-made N64 Breath of the Wild Cart

This little bit of ingenuity comes from a reddit user by the name of Wrestletoys. It’s a custom made label that makes the game look like it’s a real Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cart. The cartridge comes in one of those N64 aftermarket plastic boxes that also has a custom-made label of BotW to make the set complete.

Fan-made N64 Breath of the Wild Cart

The Breath of the Wild cart label comes with everything – ‘Only for N64’, ‘compatible with Rumble Pak’, ‘1 Player’, ESRB rating… They both even have an unofficial official Nintendo Seal of Approval.

This was made out of an old Majora’s Mask cartridge – one of only 1.5 other cartridges that were gold. Those being the Ocarina of Time special edition, and the front half of the Pokemon Stadium 2 cartridge. It probably wouldn’t look as good with an average grey cart.

It has been a while since I made a post about a bit of fan art, rather than just linking through to it like I usually do on Fridays. This here is a great way to breathe new life into an old cartridge while still making it new and unique.

Now I’m just wondering whether Wrestletoys went for 100% authenticity and made the cartridge taste terrible.

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Reddit user Wrestletoys made a custom N64 Breath of the Wild Cart to fix up an old Majora's Mask cartridge. Let's take a look.
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