N64brew Game Jam 2023

The N64brew Game Jam is back for the fourth year in a row. This time it’s the earliest one yet – it’s starting on the 30th of June and teams have their projects due on the 21st of August.

Contest is complete! Voting is closed and the winners have been decided.

The competition was hosted on the N64brew Discord server. There is also an itch.io website.

You can download the ROM from the video above on the download page using the password “summertime”, or through drive.

The contest

The competition ended on the 21st of August, there were 6 entries in total:

Alien Sun

Alien Sun is a homebrew platform game by 9_nova where you explore a strange foreign planet in search for crystals.

Brew Volley

Brew Volley is a homebrew game by Tfmoe__ where you play volleyball as two N64 Brew logos on the side of the beach.

Megatextures Tech Demo

Megatextures Tech Demo is a tech demo by Team Ultra Rare where you explore the Church of Summer with some impressive hi-res visuals.

Sand Castle Clamour

Sand Castle Clamour is a homebrew puzzle game for the N64by Traill where you build sand castles cube by cube to match a pre-made template.

Sand City

Sand City is a homebrew simulation game by Team Pocket Sand where you build a city to attract a crabby population to live and work in it.

Summer’s Story

Summer's Story is a homebrew game where you need to search for objects buried in the sand to help Summer leave a deserted island.


The theme for the N64brew Game Jam 2023 is 😎Summer😎!


This competition was judged democratically by the community, the first time this has been done.

A total of 30 votes were cast. Detailed breakdown of votes can be found here.


The prize pool ended up at $776.76. Team Polygon Sandwich have decided for the donation to go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, a charity dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.


The winners have been announced! Here they are:

Interview and discussion


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