A Link to the Past, now drawn N64 style

Here’s another bit of interesting fanart for all of you to enjoy. If you’ve had a look at the Fanart of Marth if he was on the Nintendo 64, you’ll probably get a kick out of this one; it’s a 3-D low-polygon art version of Link and Zelda from A Link to the Past on the SNES.

Link and Zelda, from A Link to the Past

A-link-to-the-past-link-on-n64 A-link-to-the-past-zelda-on-n64

Now, these are some really cool bits of fanart. It feels a bit weird though, I’m just so used to seeing the Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask that this new design falls somewhere in the uncanny valley. It’s really close to the N64 Zelda that we’ve grown to love but it just seems a bit different, similar enough to be recognisable but different enough to be interesting. Great job.

The only other thing that irks me a little bit is Link’s sword. It seems to be copy-pasted from some other source rather than a polygonal model made in the same place as the rest of the image.

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