OOT, Goldeneye and SM64 beat in under an hour

How long does it take you to beat Goldeneye, Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time? 15 hours? 10 hours? 5 hours each if you’re going really fast? Why not be like this guy, who beats the three of them simultaneously in under an hour.

Three games in under an hour

It’s really something you have to see to believe. Each of these games would take quite a bit of time to complete for you or I. However, by exploiting glitches one can skip many parts of the game and end up at the final boss without having actually completed the levels. Youtube user karljobst ta goes uses this technique to fast forward through the games, as well as switching from game to game in order to not spend any time waiting for cutscenes to pass by.

I really love the way he plays on a 2nd controller while doing simple actions like moving across long distances in a straight line In order to beat it in under an hour. You can tell that it’s all well-coordinated and done with a lot of passion and practice to achieve an excellent time in all games. I’ve watched speedruns of these three games individually before, but this is the first and only time I’ve seen them all done at the same time.

There’s not really much I can say to do it justice, you have to watch it for yourself and see how it works.

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It's pretty difficult to beat a game quickly... So why not do three? Watch as this guy beats Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye and Super Mario 64 in under an hour.
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