Live action 007 Goldeneye

This is a fun little video depicting a live action replay of a 007 Goldeneye level. The level isn’t clearly defined, but it seems to be a mixture of the Facility and Bunker levels. It’s partially Facility because it has the bathroom scene and Bunker because of having to escort Natalya throughout the level and have her work on a console.

Hey what’s up guys and welcome back to let’s play Goldeneye 64. I’m using infinite ammo because that’s how I roll. Now of course this is not the original Goldeneye 64, this is a fan-made mod with updated graphics. I’m checking it out and so far it looks pretty realistic, I’m really impressed with it, especially for a fan-made thing.

Now this part really sucks. I’m actually gonna save state right here because you have to escort Natalya and, I mean, from what I can remember in the original game (shoot that guy real fast) is: she’s really dumb and like she gets killed really easily at this part because she like walks into the bullets and so I’m gonna be using save states quite a bit to get through this part.

Oh, oh my- See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. That was my fault. Go ahead and reload the state here… Come on. Alright. I know we need to go to the main control room, I know. Come with me. Come on, jeez! Seriously, the AI in this game is so retarded… This time I’ll be careful not to shoot her, there we go. Alright. I know, we’re heading there but we have to unlock the main control room first it’s remotely locked. You know anything about this place?

The terminal for that is right over here, shot these guys real fast… Ohh you freaking kidding me? Haaah… I think I save stated right here… Let’s go, come on! Alright, pop this guy, this guy, let’s not actually shoot Natalya this time. Don’t walk in the way. She’ll unlock the main control room at this terminal then we got just a few more guys to kill. Come on, let’s go. Jeez down this way. Come on, what are you doing? Let’s go! I’m trying to get you to the main control room. Retard!

Alright, I know there’s a few guys down this hallway here, not sure she’s actually with me. Jeez, okay we don’t want her to get too far ahead because there are a couple of guy right here just beyond- Oh jesus they’re shooting at me right now. This guy up here, and then I know there’s a guy right here around the corner, hurry up before he kills her… There we go. And I think there’s- yep, there’s a guy right there. I believe that’s it. Once we have her inside the main control room, we’re good to go. This part’s over, we don’t have to worry about it- wait a minute there’s another guy. Forgot about this guy.

Ok, once she’s in there, we’ve completed this objective. Why aren’t you going in? Are you kidding me, she’s stuck on the door frame. Come on, go! Go though the door! There’s a guy behind you! Whyy???!!! Why?! This game sucks.

The live action 007 Goldeneye video overall a pretty funny video and does take advantage of several of the Goldeneye tropes that were nice to see noticed such as:

  • The AI walking straight into enemy fire
  • Cheats for infinite ammo
  • Save states (for emulators any way)
  • NPC animations (walking, dying etc.
  • Some others

Another one that I’m not sure if it was intentional or not was the repetition of NPC models. Goldeneye had a few NPC models that were repeated over and over to save space, and in the video they did the same thing. I’m not sure if it was intentional or if it was just that they only had a few people to work on the project, but it works either way.

It’s also pretty funny how he always says ‘Jeez’. I don’t know why, it’s just hilarious.

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VideoNintendo3DS made a video of a live action 007 Goldeneye where the player walks through a warehouse escorting Natalya. Let's have a look.
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