Family Guy plays 007 Goldeneye to escape prison

This is a video that has been making the rounds on the internet a few weeks ago, but I just managed to get to it this week. It’s a segment from Family Guy, a show that has been airing since the heyday of the Nintendo 64. In season 17 episode 7, they have one of their always-present cutaway gags where Peter and Meg escape from a Korean Prison. The clip  doesn’t look like an exact match of any level, but it does look like if Surface had buildings from Dam.


That was amazing! But how are we gonna get out of here? We’re surrounded!

There’s only one way. An impossible video game escape.

Oh! Can it be Goldeneye?



Bond. James bond. Don’t worry Meg, it’s less sad because they don’t bleed. Oh don’t shoot this guy, he was nice to me! Ah, never mind. These guys are terrible shots. I love this almost-James-Bond music. Meg, this is what 1997 looked like. It’s my turn next try, I wanna go next. You think one guy had to shover this whole walkway? Ugh great, more stairs.

This is how you know we’re done.

The scene plays out with Meg as James Bond and Peter making comments along the way. It’s a lot of the jokes we’ve heard a thousand times, but the way the Family Guy tends to bring it out of nowhere is usually what brings in the laughs.

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Family Guy S17E7 included a scene of Peter and Meg escape from Prison in the style of 007 Goldeneye. Let's have a look at how it turned out.
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