Display List Ate My Mind

Display List Ate My Mind is a homebrewn Nintendo 64 demo by Kid Stardust (who also made Absolute Crap and others) released in September 1997. It is almost like a bitmap-marquee style demo, but it is a bit more creative than that.

You can download the demo ROM here, using the password “kidstardust”.


ROM transcript:


Another smashing production from: The Secret Force called: The Display List Ate My Mind. Date 24.09.1997.

Coding done by: Kid Stardust

Thanks must go out to Lac for letting me use modplayer and to Fractal for the nice logo…

Tempest 2000 music converted by ???

Btw try to find the hidden part [in joke this time] if you are wondering about the picture above the logo: it’s a photo of Rene Siole it from his childhood photo-album.

Now to the usual business…. The greetings… Special hellos go out to all members of The Secret Force:

– Rene –
– Twinsen –
– Sispeo –
– Trilili –

Also want to say hi to Zeronine fix [hope we will do something together soon!]. Major Rom. Lac. Jovis. Stan. Midget. Factal. Silo. Lem. Matzer. Corsair. Nagra. Datamiz. Maxx. Curt. Mac. Locke. Icarus. Ste. Thulsa. Redbox. Rip………. And to all I have forgotten…. I had planned to include a lot more features in this demo. But I was so fed up with it that I didn’t want to change a single bit anymore… So you’ll have to wait for the next one which will be probably coming soon! So watch out!!!


(Alien faces)

Help! A bunch of Renes!!!!

You still didn’t finthe hidden part? Try again…….



proudly presents
a new demo

'The Display List Ate My Mind'

coded by Kid Stardust
Twinsen, Sispeo, Trilili,
Rene, Kid Stardust

The demo consists of a rotating rectangular prism that says “The Secret Force”. It spawns a blue cube with an alien’s face as the texture right on it, which then moves to the top of the screen and rotates about its x-axis indefinitely. In reality it’s not an alien, but just the warped face of a Secret Force member, Rene Siole.

After some more rotation cycles, the text appears, moving clockwise from the 12:00 position. The text appears as wobbling cubes with the same letter printed on each side.

The text is like many other texts on homebrew demos, it tells a bit of self-referential text and a list of thanks to the people on Dextrose.

One interesting thing about this is that Kid Stardust does mention an Easter egg hidden within, but I’ll be damned if I knew how to unlock it. If anybody does, comment it below and I’ll update the post.

The zip file contains the same THETRIP.TAG file that Pause does. Since they’re made by different people but have the same file, it could be assumed that it’s just an interstitial ad placed by a hosting server. Kind of a disappointing lead in retrospect.

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Display List Ate My Mind by Kid Stardust is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo that features a lot of rotating blocks.
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