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After four years of development and two of planning, the Getter Love English translation has finally been released! Getter Love is a 1998 Japan-exclusive game that combines a dating sim and Mario Party to create a unique game. The only issue is that it is a very story-driven game, which means that unlike other games like Bangai-O or Puyo Puyo, you can’t really play it unless you can read Japanese quickly.

You can get the ROM patch from the download page using the password pandaloveunit or from the official release thread on krikzz. The patch can then be applied using PBS/FLIPS on a ROM called Getter Love!! - Cho Renai Party Game Tanjou (Japan).z64.

In Getter Love, players take on the role of a character who is trying to win the affections of one of the various female characters in the game. The objective (depending on the mode) is to confess your love to either one or as many girls as possible before the other players can.

The gameplay involves arranging dates, discovering tastes and picking your words wisely to increase your character’s charm and appeal to your love interest.The game features a board game-style format where players move around a town with various locations that the different characters can be at. The ultimate goal is to successfully increase the romantic interest of the chosen girl(s).

As with many dating simulation games, the emphasis is on building relationships with the in-game characters through dialogue choices and interactions. The party game elements add a social and competitive aspect to the challenge.

The translators did a great job. Every character’s manner of speech feels unique and It’s all very clear and to the point. They not only translated the speech bubbles, but also all of the graphical text as well.

Games of this genre were more popular in Japan than in other regions, and as a result, It faded away in the eyes of an international audience. However, the Getter Love English translation lets those of us who don’t know Japanese to have our go at finding our true love on the N64.

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The Getter Love English translation has been released after years in development, bringing the Japanese dating sim to the rest of the world.
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