G.R.L. – Vacation and the Nintendo 64

Before we step into the meat of this post, I have to tell you something. This was the hardest post I had to make yet. It’s of a video that I got pointed towards as the N64 only appears in a few seconds of the video, but as per usual, I have to watch the video several times to make sure I got all the shots right. Without further adieu here is the video, “Vacation” by G.R.L.

Vacation by G.R.L.

So, the video… As you might have noticed, I’m not a big fan of this music. A combination of dance-pop, electropop and pop is pretty much the last thing I’d want to hear… anywhere. I really hope that you appreciate the sacrifice I had to make to get this post out to you. I don’t know anything about the band outside of this video since I have not yet been relinquished of the last bit of pride and manliness I have yet to hold on to.

The video is about what the girls do on vacation… and that’s about it. Since the video opens up at what looks like a sorority house, I’ll just go out on a limb and say that they’re talking about college vacation, where time is ample and responsibilities are nought.Kinda reminds me of my vacations at uni, minus the dead-end internships and family quality time.

Nintendo 64 and G.R.L.

So the Nintendo 64 isn’t mentioned explicitly in the song, but the extras are playing it and the singers interact with them at times. Here is a log of the times where the Nintendo 64 appears in the music video:

  • G.R.L. and the Superpad 64

    The guy from G.R.L. Using a Superpad 64

    00:04-00:18: the longest and most prominent part of the N64 in the video. The guys (I assume their boyfriends or something) are playing the N64 in the morning after a party. You can hear the sound effects, but not the front of the cartridge, so you can only guess what they’re playing. I’m thinking Goldeneye from the ricochet sound effects, but the other ones don’t seem quite in place so it might be from a game that’s not even from the N64. The N64 on the table is the classic charcoal Nintendo 64 and the controllers they have is the official grey controller and what looks like a Superpad 64. Classy.

  • 01:03-01:07: Two guys join the fun with popcorn, but it looks like they just have two N64 controllers so they just watch. One of the two original players reaches out and tries to tap the other’s controller.
  • 01:09-01:12: Hey! The girls pull the guys out of their seats and stop them from using the Nintendo 64. How rude!
  • 01:18-01:19: The girls then take over the N64 and start singing while waving the controllers around after kicking the guys out. Now that’s really rude, you’d think that the console belonged to the guys (even though it was the girl’s house) and they just stole it pretty much.
  • 01:40-01:47: They dance around some more with the controllers.
  • 01:50-01:51: A short shot of them jumping around with the controllers.
  • 02:08: Another short shot of G.R.L. jumping.
  • 02:29: Aaaaand another.
  • 03:15-03:16: This was actually pretty hard to find because of the strobe effect, but another shot of them holding the controllers is there.
  • 04:10: My Favourite part of the video.

Conlusion on Vacation by G.R.L.

Well, what is there to say? The N64 was presumably stolen and danced around with. We never find out who won that game of whatever. It’s overall a very disappointing video.


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Vacation by G.R.L. contains a few shots of some guys playing a Nintendo 64, and here I am to painstakingly review it for you all.
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