3rd party Nintendo 64 controller ad

3rd party Nintendo 64 controller

I found an ad on the VGJunk Tumblr showing a wide variety of third party controllers as well as the official Nintendo 64 controller..

Nintendo 64 controllers

So this is an ad with for a bunch y Nintendo 64 controllers. Now, let’s look at the first thing that you see when you look at this picture. Now when I say ‘you’ I really mean ‘I’. The first thing I saw was that it promotes a wide variety of third party controllers, but if you have a look at the top-right you’ll see the only controller that doesn’t look like a N64 controller melted – the official one! Now, let’s take a bit of a closer look –  the price for the official one is £20 (fuck it, I like round numbers).

Now look at the price for all the other ones.

They’re all the same price or higher except the Superpad 64, and as we all know, anything that can be censored to Super*** 64 is a ticket to immediate suckage. So what’s the point? Why get a controller that’s awkward to hold when you have the original that works just fine for the same price? I have no idea, but let’s have a look at them anyways.

Just on a side note, I should mention that I do own a few of these (and some more third party Nintendo 64 controllers that aren’t in this picture) so I will be reviewing them in a bit more depth once I get the chance to get to them.

A list of each Nintendo 64 controller:

(Top to bottom)

  • Official Nintendo 64 controller
  • Makopad
  • Stingray 64
  • Superpad 64
  • Sharkpad Pro 64
  • Mirage
  • Controller Plus 64
  • Superpad 64 Plus
  • Trident Pro Pad
  • Trilogy 64
  • Manta Ray
  • G64 Controller
  • Competition Pro
  • Arcade Shark


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3rd parties have made a wide variety of Nintendo 64 controllers and this ad shows a plethora of them, all for your viewing pleasure.
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