N64brew Game Jam 2022

The third installment of the 64brew game jam is complete! We had one in 2020 and another last year so it’s safe to say that it’s becoming a yearly tradition. The theme was announced on 27 Aug and the N64brew Game Jam 2022 competition is due to start on the 30th of August and run through to the deadline on 30th of October.

The competition was held and hosted on the N64brew Discord server. Now that the competition is complete, you can find the ROMs for download here.

The contest

Contest submissions will appear here. I’ll be reviewing them over the coming months.

Spirit Harvest

Spirit Harvest is a homebrew game for the Nintendo 64 by Team Spirit Walkers where you explore a haunted 3D environment.


Styx is the winner of the 2022 64brew game jam where you play as a skeleton working in a warehouse working to fulfill Halloween deliveries.

Super Snooper Spookers

Super Snooper Spookers is a game by CardboardBox where you play as a Spooker and you have to scare away Snoopers to keep them safe.


The theme for this game jam is “SPOOKY”! This year the game jam is running a bit early to coincide with Halloween, so it’s very appropriate theme for the occasion.


  • N64 Squid (Me!)
  • Gerry (BehindTheCode.ca)
  • Buu342 (N64brew Admin)


The final prize pool is $1369.65.

All of the proceeds of the N64brew Game Jam 2022 will go to charity, and the winner will get to choose the charity it goes to.

Team Ultra Rare has decided that the prize pot should go to Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to sending toys, books and games to children’s hospitals.


  1. Styx (Team Ultra Rare)
  2. Super Snooper Spookers (CardboardBox)
  3. Spirit Harvest (Spirit Walkers)

Interview and Discussion


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