N64brew Game Jam 2020

This is an exciting announcement for the Nintendo 64 homebrew community. The N64brew community on Discord hosted the N64brew Game Jam 2020 during the autumn months which challenged participants to make a game and enter it in a competition to see whose is the best.

The theme of the game jam was TBD at first, but then revealed to be SIZE. Entrants could register and find development teams over on the N64brew discord channel.

It ran over the course of two months from 13 Oct 2020 to 13 Dec 2020, so submissions were finalised by that date.

There is a cash reward for the winner, to be expanded if more people donate to the pot.

N64brew Game Jam 2020

This is the first game jam for the Nintendo 64 in over 20 years, last time it was Presence of Mind 99 (POM ’99) on Dextrose.

As of the bginning of the competition, there were 12 teams and 32 solo entries signed up, so it looks like the judges have their work cut out for them if everyone manages to makes a submission.


There are five judges who will be deciding the winner of the game jam:

  • David Doak (Goldeneye/Rareware)
  • Allan Findlay (Software Creations/Acclaim)
  • Neil Voss (The New Tetris/Tetrisphere)
  • Snooplax (N64 Youtuber)
  • Buu342 (Pyoro 64/N64brew Discord admin)


The theme for this N64 game jam is… Size!

The theme is very vague – and for good reason. It has to be that way so that the

I originally wanted to publish this post last week, but they were on the cusp of announcing the theme so I left it for a week later.

Signing up

The competition is over, so this section is just for reference.

Go to the discord chat to find a team if you want, and then fill out the registration form. Be sure to do it by Tuesday 19 October 2020 to qualify. I know it’s a bit short notice, but do register if you want to be part of the competition.


Besides bragging rights, there is an ever-increasing pot of gold for the top entries. There is currently $1,127.10 to be split among the top three in a 6:3:1 ratio:

  • 1st: $676.26
  • 2nd: $338.13
  • 3rd: $112.71

What about N64 Squid?

I won’t be participating or judging, there is too much stuff that I need to be doing that I’m constantly postponing. Mostly I’m working my job, taking care of my daughter and managing my finances so I don’t have time to work and learn about making homebrew N64 stuff anymore.

However, I will be reviewing and archiving the submissions on the website now that the results are released so look forward to each one when the time comes 😊


The results for the game jam are in – out of all the 12 teams and 32 solo entries announced at the beginning, 14 of them managed to submit a project to the judges. The entries are as follows (in alphabetical order):

I’ll be covering these games throughout 2021, so keep tuned for updates!

Winners of the N64brew Game Jam 2020

There was originally going to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the competition, but due to two ties, there are five winners in total.

1st place: Telocation: Gemini by Ultra Rare 64 with 117/125 points.
2nd place: Kumi-Daiki Beatoff 64 by ptimonen and Sblobber 64 by vrgl117-games with 104/125 points each.
3rd place: Lunar Assault 64 by danbolt and The Swoop 64 by zestydevy with 102/125 points each.

Interview and discussion

The judges (and some others) had a 2-hour long discussion about the games in the N64brew Game Jam and N64 development in general.

And no, I’m not writing a transcript for this one. I might include some quotes on the corresponding homebrew game post though.

This contest was brought to you by the fine folk over at the N64brew Discord channel. Be sure to check them out.


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