Goldeneye’s Facility level in Far Cry 4

My favourite level in Goldeneye 007 has to be the facility level. It just has all those little nooks and crannies and that linear branching design that is so perfect for single player, but so awkward for multiplayer. So when I saw this video for a custom map in Far Cry 4 that replicated the stage, I just knew that I had to take a look.

The Far Cry 4 Level

Right when you see the level load up, you’ll notice two things:

  1. This looks like Goldeneye 007.
  2. This doesn’t look like Goldeneye 007.

It looks like Goldeneye in the sense that the level design is eerily similar to that of the Facility level, all the way from the air ducts to the laboratory.

However it does have some pretty big differences. The first obvious one is that it looks like a worn-down middle eastern building, rather than a factory. The different texture can be really off-putting. The enemies and gameplay is also completely different. The only similarity is that the level has a bunch of enemies with AK-47s. The rest of the level’s gameplay with the access cards, gates that you need top unlock and the battle at the end are all gone. The exit door isn’t even on top of the conveyor belt! If they’re going to bother to put the belt in there, they might a well put the door on top of it.

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This incredible remake of Goldeneye 007's facility level in Far Cry 4 will leave you thirsty for some good ol' multiplayer action.
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