Super Mario 64 HD is started – and subsequently deleted.

A couple of months ago, I made a post about a Super Mario 64 HD remake that was in the works, and recently there’s been quite a lot of hubbub about another HD remake of the game. This one was being developed in Unity by a developer named Erik Roystan Ross, and it looks pretty damn impressive. Let’s take a look:

Super Mario 64 HD in Unity

Now this looks pretty damn impressive. While the other HD remake Made mario look a bit more realistic, this one seems to keep with the classic Super Mario 64 style It makes sense, he took the models and animation from Super Mario Galaxy. Not only that, but the other one was just a technical demo, while this one contains an actual playable level: Bob-omb Battlefield. From the demo, you can see that there’s quite a bit of work done in the level. The models are all there, the scenery is working fine and most of what is the stage itself works alright.

There are a few things that are missing if you look closely. King bob-omb is missing (well, all the stars are missing), there’s no fly cap, and the cannons don’t seem to work. It’s still a great start though.

The game looks really fun and promising, and it all seems to work well. It might even be playable some day!

… Except it wont.

A few days back, it got quite a lot of press on major gaming news sites, so of course Nintendo caught wind of the project. Nintendo has issued the ban hammer on the project, making sure that it will never see the light of day.

It makes sense, Nintendo makes quite a pretty penny off of its remakes and virtual console, it wouldn’t be very profitable if people could play their games for free, even if these independent developers aren’t making any money off of it.

This will probably also be the fate of the other Super Mario 64 HD remake that I mentioned earlier. It’s really a shame.


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This up-and-coming HD remake of the classic Super Mario 64shows signs of brilliance, but it was too good to be true so it will now never see the light of day.
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