The Super Mario 64 HD Remake

While derping around the other day on the internet, I came accross this video of a Super Mario 64 HD remake that plays just the same as the classic Nintendo 64 title but has all updated graphics.

About the Super Mario 64 HD Remake

Not a lot of the people who have written articles about this have gone into much depth apart from just saying that it exists, so I’ll go a bit further and tell you what it’s all about.

The remake is being made by Twitch user Aryoksini, made because of his love for Super Mario 64.

It’s primarily a graphical upgrade, allowing people to experience the game with graphic that far surpass those of the Nintendo 64. Now, I think that this is a fairly good idea; a lot of the players (particularly the younger ones around there) will feel as though the graphics on the N64 classic is shitty because it looks terrible by today’s standards. This kind of upgrade will open up a classic to a wider new audience that wouldn’t otherwise appreciate the Virtual Console version.

Onto the details. Aryoksini is making the game using the Blender game engine. Blender is a program used primarily for designing 3D models, but it can also be used to make games. By the look of the above preview, the Blender engine is able to reproduce Super Mario 64 just fine. However, this means that it will be playable on on an exe file, not a ROM that you can use on an everdrive or even a PC emulator.

There has been a remake of the game made already on the DS, but it was just made portable and added a few modes. As far as I can tell, this won’t have any of the DS differences (extra characters, stars, minigames etc).

There isn’t a release date for the game, so we can only hope that it will be out by the game’s 20th anniversary next year.

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This fan-made Super Mario 64 HD remake is being worked on hard by Aryoksini, let's have a deeper look at it, shall we?
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