Impossible Mario 64 coin obtained!

On the 12th of June 2014, history was made. The impossible Mario 64 coin was finally obtained. That’s right, the coin that has eluded the world in now in the virtual possession of Youtube user pannenkoek2012.

How to get the impossible Mario 64 coin

About the coin

Also known as the 192nd coin on Huge Tiny Island, this coin was thought to be impossible to get. It is located inside the mountain on Huge Tiny Island, and can only be seen when rotating the camera so that it sees ‘through’ the rock. This coin was first reported in 2002, a whole six years after Super Mario 64 was released. Since then, it was thought to be impossible to obtain because of the way the level was laid out and the hit detection in Super Mario 64.

This coin is thought to have been put there in an early development stage of the game, but was forgotten to be removed when it was finally released.

How to get it

Now this is clearly a lot harder than it looks, it requires pixel-perfect precision on each and every movement so as to bypass every wall with accurate jumps.

From where the coin is, jump above the alcove, and then double jump and dive into the mountain. This will land Mario into a hidden pool inside the mountain. Then swim down through the nothingness, jump out, do a jump-kick and get the coin while landing outside.

Now, pannenkoek2012 did this with an emulator so as to not have to repeat the whole level between each attempt at getting the coin, but it still shows that it can be obtained legitimately.

Congratulations, pannenkoek2012!!

Gif gallery

The impossible coin, as seen inside the Huge Tiny Island

Jumping into the mountain and landing into the pool.

Finally getting the coin after all these years!

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The impossible Mario 64 coin in Tiny-Huge Island has finally been obtained after 12 years of trials and tribulations!
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