Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection coming to the Switch

Something that’s been bugging people for a while was that most of the Mario games that have been made have been made available years after their release thanks to re-releases and the virtual console have been the 2D ones. Heck, even the NES games saw a re-release back in 1992 on the SNES. On the other hand, wanting to play Mario Sunshine would require you to dig up your old Gamecube out of the closet. At least Mario Galaxy can run on a Wii U. Now that will be a thing of the past with Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

This compilation will include Super Mario 64 from the N64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. SM64 has been around in several incarnations since its initial release on the DS and Virtual Console so it’s never really been lacking in the availability department.

Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy have been a bit more difficult, since they’re only available on their native platform, and the one that followed (due to backwards-compatibility).

By the looks of it, this compilation seems to be a basic port of the original games in one package. They haven’t announced any new features and everything looks the same from the footage available. The resolution has been increased, and some of the textures might be given a makeover, but that’s about it. The Wii’s resolution was 480i/480p in most regions and the N64 was 240 so it would be nice to see them all in glorious HD.

I think I might give Super Mario 3D All-Stars game a go. I missed out on the 25th anniversary game on the Wii ten years ago, so it might be good as a collector’s item.

On a side note: It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because of a fairly lengthy holiday, and then a bit of a blunder regarding last week – I pretty much finished a post but just before I published it, it turns out that I already wrote about it over a year ago. It was such a bland demo that I didn’t even recognise it after all this time.

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Super Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy are all coming to the Switch to celebrate Mario's 35th anniverary in Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
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