3D Print: Mario N64 Shrine with statues

A few months ago I wrote a post about a 3d-printable Zelda N64 shrine, and a  bit mre recently I came across a similar statue by the same user, abrokadabra. This time it’s a Mario N64 shrine that instead of Zelda, it incorporates various Mario things here and there.

The original link is broken, so I made a backup that you can download here on N64 Squid.

The Mario N64 shrine


Front view of the Mario shrine.


Side view.


The bottom of the console.


The backside of the model.

As you can see, this shrine is pretty much identical to the Zelda one but with a Mario theme. As before, it is an amalgamation of various other statues.

The base of the model is the same, it’s a Nintendo 64 console with a huge 3D N64 logo on top of it. The main centre of it is a huge Mario statue in the middle of the logo and little things from the Mario universe decorate the rest of the shrine.

There is a coin instead of where the N64 logo should be on the console. On the top left and top right of it there are also a chain chomp, a piranha plant. and a boo sticking out of the console.

The sides of the big N have some flatter things embedded into them; a breakable brick, a Thwomp, the Special Cup logo and a question mark block. Resting on top of the big N there is Mario’s hand, a Goomba, a mushroom and a bob-omb.

That’s about all there is to this 3D-printable Mario N64 shrine. Ecept for one little thing… Mario has bin stabbed! I mean seriously, he has needles sticking through him as though he was some kind of voodoo doll or something. My guess is that this is done to help with the 3D printing process since the printer can’t print downwards, but I still think that it looks really creepy.

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Let's have a look at this Super Mario N64 shrine that you can 3D print for yourself so that you con worship Mario in all his glory - properly.
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