LEGO Bob-omb Battlefield by Matt de Lanoy

In December of 2013, Matt de Lanoy posted a series of pictures of a model that he made out of LEGO and here they are: the LEGO Bob-omb Battlefield. In the description of the album, he says that this was an idea that he had planned on doing for quite some time, but didn’t do it until he got the inspiration from finding an old Nintendo 64 in ‘storage’, as he says.

The model was later that month displayed at the NITLC’s Christmas Train Show in Illinois.

LEGO Bob-omb Battlefield Gallery

The mario figurine squashing a Goomba.

The Mario figurine squashing a Goomba.

Full view from the cannon/floating isle corner

Full view from the cannon/floating isle corner.

Full view from the start of the level

Full view of the LEGO Bob-omb Battlefield from the start of the level.

All the characters lined up

All the characters lined up.

You can find more images on his album, or view it on video as well.

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Check out the Lego Bob-Omb Battlefield model made by Matt de Lanoy - a true work of art for those who love Super Mario 64 and Lego.
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