Super Mario Odyssey mod: Clanker’s Cavern

Super Mario Odyssey is considered by many to be the best 3D Mario game ever. At first I was skeptical, but 780 moons later I must agree with this opinion. It had great controls, fun objectives and even plenty of throwbacks to Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 64.

User ItzSka has been making mods for Super Mario Odyssey for about 6 months now, replicating various levels from other games. For instance, Dragon Roost Island from Zelda: Wind Waker nd Level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. However his most recent one is an adaptation of Clanker’s Cavern from a pipe in Cap Kingdom. It’s amazing how some things end up still being compatible and working together after all these years.

This is a bit weird to get running on your Switch, so I wouldn’t recommend trying for yourself unless you really know what you’re doing. That, or if you’re willing to risk getting your console banned from online play or even have it bricked completely.

What’s new in this Clanker’s Cavern

Being that this game is running on a completely different engine, the game can’t be replicated jiggy-by-jiggy. Here is what ItzSka had to say about it:

Hello everybody, first off thanks for checking out my new Custom Level!
For this level, I continued my nostalgic streak and decided to upload a well remember level from Banjo Kazooie. (Clanker’s Cavern)

This level is a full custom import from the original N64 game, with 6 total power moons (shaped like Jiggies) and a slew of fun challenges requiring the work of both Mario and Cappy.

The level itself can be found in the Moon Pipe that was relocated to right in front of the Odyssey of Cap Kingdom. All you need is a Story Completed gamesave with the Cap Kingdom Moon Rock broken open.

The map seems like a pretty good import of Clanker’s Cavern. What surprised me the most about it is all the moving parts that are inside it, since most level imports tend to be a simple static model swap. Most of what moves are the rotating blades inside Clanker and the popping screw on his back though. It would be nice if Clanker himself moved as well, but that’s a more complicated animation than a simple rotation/translation.

There are 6 ‘moons’ shaped like Jiggys around the level. Since Mario and BK have quite different move sets, these moons are placed in places where it would make more sense for Mario to reach, for instance a far-away hanging pipe that requires a long jump. Others like the crab Jiggy (replaced by a piranha plant) or the Jinjo Jiggy (adapted with a clever use of the moon shard mechanic) remain in place.

There are a few cheep cheeps around the level which make it much easier to swim around the level (and not worry about oxygen levels). The included video doesn’t show what it’s like to go to the lock down at the lowest point in Clanker’s Cavern, so that something that would be nice to see.

Clanker’s Cavern gallery

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This mod for Super Mario Odyssey adapts Clanker's Cavern into a playable level that you can add to your Nintendo Switch though an SD card.
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